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Saturday, April 18, 2015


Yesterday was, blissfully, all about acquisition!  In the best of the Ferengi tradition, we got in a bevy of beauties (or soon to be) that we attacked with vigor! With nary a moment to get bored (or to tackle a dreaded task of rearranging and cleaning the storeroom!  *SHUDDER*) we started getting a steady stream of fresh meat in!  We'll cover those in a second!  We sent the Trek 7200 to a new home in the most satisfactory of ways, with a gent who really appreciated the fine deal he was getting on such a choice ride!  Also, we got down and dirty with several repairs, thanks to all for the continued trust and to all those fine folk giving out our name!  That's so sweet!  I'm sitting here racking my brain, though, because I KNOW we sent another ride out with someone and for the life of me, I can NOT remember which one it was!  I'm sure it will come to me at the weirdest moment! 
Don't you HATE that!?  Happens to me all the time.  We'll be watching a movie,  trying to remember an actor and where we've seen them, and I know it but can't get it!  Then at 2 am in the morning as I'm drifting off, it's like, BING!!  ARRGH!
We put up five yesterday!  Finished  the SAH-WEET custom cruiser,   I know I promised an update yesterday, but with all the goodies coming in I got "BIZZIE!!"   Also, as promised...DAILY BANGER SPECIALS!!!  Let the band play a victory march!!  These are pretty bloody sharp looking rides too!  A real nice men's 26" MTB with front shocks, a ladies 26" "A to B" special 18 speed, and in the upper end, a clean Mongoose A40 MTB!  This one AINT' your Wal-Mart Mongoose!  Oh Nay, Nay!!  Capped the day off by squeezing in one more, a real sweet "pretty in Pink and Purple" girls 20"!!
Today, I already have Elijah stripping down four for me to re-furb (and he hated having to move first thing he got here.  Hee, hee!)  We have a real clean looking Mongoose dual shock MTB, that unfortunately has a damaged frame!  The PERFECT parts bike!  As I pondered what all I was going to do with it's bounty, we had a lady, down from Washington State, bring us in a Giant Iguana.  Nice looking ride, but...well... Washington State has some "challenging" riding up there, so it has some components in need of replacement!  VIOLA!  Also, had a donation of several half-bikes and components that had been littering a young mans work area, and he dropped them off to see if we could do anything with them, gratis.  SURE!  We LOVE free stuff!!  One of them, is an Iron Horse Commuter, that is a perfect candidate for a single speed!  Also, we snagged up another good DBS in the shape of a 7 speed comfort cruiser!  which is the first to be hitting my rack when I'm done here!  Oh, no, I'm not done.  Another "Classic"  DBS is the  Free Spirit road bike that got dropped off just before close.  She needs a good cleaning and possibly a replacement tire, but will make for a good El-Cheapo road ride!  Not much more you can do with these, as the weight hinders the making of a GREAT road bike!  Then to top it all off, a couple more little kiddo bikes!  But please, don't think even though we got in all these goodies, we couldn't use more!  Keep 'em comin' folks!
Once the day ended, we packed it in and headed home for " Family Movie Night!"  And the Pic? Godzilla! (2014)  OK, yes, a tad bit strange that we had, as of yet, NOT seen the flick!  Meant to see it in the theatre, missed out.  Then, we rented it from Red Box when it first went to DVD, but we got a bad copy!  Wouldn't play.  In disgust, we moved on.  Then, as we were trying to figure out what to get last night, we landed on the big green guy, and went with it!  In short, LOVED IT!! 
Ok, sure, there are a few head scratchers in the whole story, and I think I'll have to watch it again, as I have the sneaking suspicion they explained a lot of it in the first ten minuets of the film, but when watching with kids, that's the time they are at their loudest before settling in.  This film was PURE Godzilla Gold!  From a "Creature Double Feature" standpoint, the battle scenes and depiction of devastation were epic!  The devastation, however, was the real focal point.  Clearly, leading into the classic metaphor  of the "Folly of Man".  The original 1954 classic with Raymond Burr pointed out the horrors of nuclear war, while this one still clung to the dangers of Nuclear Power, it spoke more to the impending impact of Global Change.  Perhaps not directly, but what I really found poignant was the overall focus was on that of the human victims and survivors.  The Gigantic battles Between (SHOOT!  SPOILER ALERT) Godzilla and the MUTO's takes a back seat to the human impact.  This point is emphasized, as in one scene, as people are fleeing the oncoming clash of the Titans, rushing into an underground shelter, the camera is running with the crowd looking back at Godzilla approaching the creature as buildings crumble in a wash of dust and fire, and just as he locks onto the creature, the doors to the shelter slowly close on the scene!  Oh, you may feel slightly cheated that you miss the action, but after all, that isn't the whole point of the movie!  No fear though, as soon you are treated to the battle.  AND the cinematography and computer rendering is TOP NOTCH!  The swirling clouds of dust, debris and fire at time obscure the action, but at one point lend themselves to a beautiful scene, where being fed up with getting his butt kicked, you see his smoked cloaked shadow as the glowing blue hue of him "powering up"  thrums from the tip of his tail, trailing up his spine until he breaks from the smoke to unleash his hellish blue flame, full force on the MUTO!  Oh Angi and I went BALLISTIC with clapping!  And this Godzilla is TRUE Godzilla!  Don't get me wrong, I still hold true to the fact that I really enjoyed Matthew Brodericks Godzilla, that one was pure fun, but this one...?
OKAY, I best get a move on!  Loads to do!
See ya soon!

image 1
ONLY $30.00!!
image 1
ONLY $110.00!!
image 1
26" MEN'S MTB!!
ONLY $90.00!!
image 1
ONLY $70.00!!
image 1
ONLY $170.00!!!

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