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Sunday, April 19, 2015

...In A Field Of DBS!!!

Well, y'all definitely kept us busy with newbies, thank you very much! Got in several more new "Diamonds in the rough!" and we're working diligently to keep on top of them.  Elijah has the majority of them tore down, and I was able to get out two.  Yea, I know "only two!?!" But, they were what I thought would have been the easier to do, first, but turned out to be the "one thing after another" types!  UGH!  But, no harm no foul!  Got two more sweet DBS's out, and one is the rare type of ROAD BIKE DBS!!  An older Free Spirit, these things are tanks, hence the low price, but make for EXCELLENT trainers!  Get on one of these for six months, put in ten miles a day, and by the time you're done and get on a lighter, more appropriate road bike?  You will BLOW away the competition!!
We have the Giant Iguana in the rack and almost done.  She cleaned up REAL pretty!  Once that's done I have so many different directions to go in, it's anyone's guess which comes next!
Yesterday was a tad quiet for sending new rides to new homes.  Only found a friend for ONE?  That's not right for a Saturday!  Had a plethora of repairs though, so we kept some folks riding!  At least there's that! 
All right, as Sunday is a short day, and we got a lot to do, I'm signing off for now! Hopefully I'll have a lot of fun stories for tomorrow! 
See ya!

image 1
6 speed comfort cruiser!!
ONLY $65.00!!
image 1
ONLY $80.00!!



    Ok, ok, settle down, settle down. I already have one.

    Here's the thing: If you are looking for a very comfortable long distance touring bike, the Giant Iguana, refitted with high pressure 26x1 1/4 road tires, is about the very best touring bike on planet earth. It is an all-day bike. (You can ride it all day.) If I had to cross America again on a bicycle, I would do so on my Giant Iguana (bought from Re-Cycle Bicycles, by the way)- and have a MUCH better time of it!

    You want to be first in line for this one.

    Oh, and by the way, Steven: The present on the doorstep this morning was from me. Make of it what you will.

    1. Thank YOU sir! Yes, the ride turned out surprisingly well, considering the condition it was in when we got it! ANd thanks for giving me your fine looking rear end...wait, THAT doesn't sound right! I actually have a REAL sharp looking dual shock Mongoose (non Wal-Mart) which had a thrashed rear. This one MIGHT do the trick!

  2. Anything more to be said about that REAR TRIANGLE I dropped off would only get us both slapped by both of our lovely wives.