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Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Horse! My Kingdom For A Horse!!

oH Lazy Sunday!
It's not often that it happens, but this is one of those sunny day's I wish my propensity for responsibility were not so prominent and I could just blow them off and go RIDE! 
Yep.  That ride Thursday (while still making my inner thighs a tad bit sore) really got me jonesing for more! profit in lamenting, makes the work harder! 
Yesterday had it's ebb and flow and saw several nice folks paying us a visit.  Sent the antique ladies cruiser AND the 7 speed comfort cruiser to their new home, a young couple eager to get out on the Trail with the kiddo's!  Super Sweet!  And while I'm on the subject of sweet, had a rather robust family come to pay us a looky loo, with a smattering of kiddo's in tow.  Three little girls of age spacing, roughly I would guess, of about a year apart, and one little boy (not sure where in the mix he was) but as I gave the customary greeting to the parents, the boy spoke up, looking at my "Robo-Raptor" and asked "what kind of dinosaur is that?"  Partially attentive, I said "A Raptor", but then he had my full attention when he squinched his little nose like someone stuck an onion under it, and said "THAT'S not a raptor!  THIS is a Veloco-Raptor" and produced a small PVC figurine from his pocket, holding it out as a teacher would instruct a child.  OK Kid, you have my attention!  At this point, Kaleb stepped in to help the parents check out the bicycles they were interested in, as I was far to intrigued with the information the young man was granting me.  Damn cute kid!  At this point I had to explain the "robotic" interpretation of the Raptor.  He finally acquiesced that it was "similar".  So, OK, what are you feeding this kid to make him so smart and where can I get a truckload of it!  "KID'S!  It's what's for dinner!!"
Only managed to get one newbie out yesterday, primarily, as we had many visitors, but also because we got in a bevy of more scrappers. I spent the better part of two hours field stripping them and processing the parts.  Then, having stripped down what I thought was just going to be another scrapper, an aluminum dual shock MTB caught my attention.   Once all the rusty parts were removed I realized with some elbow grease (and a grinding wheel) it would turn it into a really cool looking "brushed aluminum" ride!  Of course, once I start an ill-conceived project I HAVE to see it through to the end!  UGH! Removing stubborn, well-worn graphics CAN be a chore!! That pretty much brought me up to the end of my day and I still have a few more to get off this morning!  yay.  Once I realized, it was going to take some time, though, I put it aside and threw the little 25/9 BMX'er into my rack and banged it out. one for the day.  Then back on the grinder. 
Before I start back on it though, I'm doing a little something for me.  I've been wanting to put up shelves for my chotskies, so I'm going to bang them out, right quick and do a little decorating, THEN get back at it!
OH, and I got one of my FAVORITE bikes in a scrap truck yesterday!  Now, y'all will think I am CAH-RAZY to call this thing a favorite, as most would pitch it, snub nosed, to the curb, but not unlike the Gremlin or Pinto, it's just one of those "Dogs" that I feel a certain level of begrudging respect for.  Put out in the mid eighties, it was never declared as such, but this thing HAD to have been inspired by the "Back to the Future" franchise, it just has that 80's futuristic kitch to it!  I'm talking about the Murray "Street Cycle"!
I can hear some exclaim.  Yes, I know, a tank of a ten speed, but look at the thing, somehow it just screams to my Marty and Doc!

image 1

With some TLC it will make someone a very reliable DAILY BANGER SPECIAL!!  Yes, they're not worth much, but there's just something pitifully cool about them!
OK, I've yammered enough!
Best to jump on it!  See ya right quick y'all! 

ONLY $75.00!!


  1. My one and only Murray joke:

    You know why Murray builds bicycles?

    To make Huffy look GOOD.

    There ya go.

  2. Hey, Huffy was like the Cannondales of the 80's!!
    ...OK....ok...I can't pull that one off with a straight face!

  3. Man, I road a Huffy all through high school. Made me the stud muffin I am today.

    With a straight face, I swear.

  4. So true! They have such a bad rap (most notably due to their association with Wal-Mart) but I WILL swear by a Huffy (and a Murray) that they are work horses! Pre-1994 of course! I had a Huffy I bought at a yard sale for $15.00 about 15 years ago. I didn't have to do anything to it but put air in the tires and I rode it as my sole transportation for 7 years (over a year of that was up to 70 miles a day, five days a week) and NEVER had to do ANY repairs, tuning or anything! Try saying that about any of these multi-gajillion dollar bikes out there!