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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

“Unseen in the background, Fate was quietly slipping lead into the boxing-glove.” -P.G. Wodehouse

OK, so forgive me for beaming.  I know the whole world has shrunk somewhat with the advent of the Internet and such, but I still get a REAL kick out of folks from overseas contacting us when they're planning a trip to the Colonies!  And specifically from reading the Blog!  We've been visited by dignitaries from Taiwan, professional baseball players from South America, Flower Dealers from Cuba, and many other fine folks from just about every country out there (I love being visited from France, Russia and Ireland as I could listen to those accent ALL day!) .  Not to shabby for some common folk from up North! 
Well, in that vein, got a call from UK yesterday (which I missed 'cause I had the grinder going and couldn't hear the bloody phone!) and a very fine talkin' gent and family are visiting here for a couple weeks and are interested in taking advantage of the Vacation plan.  I know, there are businesses out there that get visited by just about every country all the time, and it may not seem a big deal, but for me, personally, it's really an honor to think our little shop is of interest to folks from all over the world! 
I've lived a very secluded life!
(but in my email to him, I did let him know I'll give him a discount if he brings me an official "Top Gear" T-shirt!  Almost like being there!
Yesterday was...ugh.  The rains were heavy in the AM, and unfortunately had to leave Suzanne with Angi, as she does not do very well in the rain, and I needed to make a mad dash for the shop and try and stay as dry as possible.
I failed.
Hit the door drenched and of course, the day before having been very humid, the AC was left on high!
Recovering from that, got to work on a few repairs from the day before, then on to paperwork.
As you could surmise from the length of the entry from yesterday, I spent some time at the 'puter.  The writing part doesn't take to long, it's the downloading of the pictures that's a REAL BI.....pain!  Forever being cursed with electronic equipment that doesn't work, I can no longer upload directly from my phone, but have to email them to myself (yahoo...takes for bloody EVER!) then, I have to post them, one at a time, to one of my Craigslist ad's, THEN have to copy and paste them to our Blog.  Do NOT ask me why, but it's the only way it works!  VERY time consuming!  ANYWAY!  Once that was finished I went to the corner store to get supplies for the day, and what should happen?  I pay with a twenty and my change is...$6.66!!
OH BOY!  NOT a good Omen!
Thankfully, the clerk, obviously being a tad superstitious himself, looked a tad wide eyed at the amount, and gave me back $6.65!  THANK YOU!
Unfortunately the gesture did not seem to abate the curse!  As shortly after arriving back in the shop, I got a call from Angi.
Seems. when Elijah had run an errand to the store for her, upon his return, he left his bike outside...
Yep.  You know where I'm going with this.
Suzanne, was present and began to bark and growl at the door, unfortunately Angi assumed she was spurred to attention by the many squirrels who visit the tree outside of our house, so she paid no heed.  Shortly thereafter, Elijah discovered it gone.  Then, of course, we had the Police visit, take the obligatory report, which I'm sure will be unceremoniously filed away and forgotten.  Now, of course, this happens on the day Elijah is to start orientation at his new job, that he had to be at in an hour.  It took me talking to his manager to confirm that yes, in fact, his bike was stolen and no he was not trying to ditch.  As if that wasn't enough....
As I was completing the phone call back to him, to inform him I spoke with his manager, the lights at the shop went out!
For a moment I sat in darkness saying to myself "WHAT THE HEY!?!" then I heard movement in the back.
Seems I once again screwed something up!  Turns out when I paid the bill a couple weeks back, I paid the WRONG amount and was $80.00 short!  UGH!  So, we were in the dark for about an hour, after paying up!
OH well, guess I have to look at the bright side, it was only an hour and Elijah was able to make it to orientation at McDonalds. 
Don't get me started.
Robin Williams had a great line for that (and I paraphrase) "you have two visions of your child's future.  One is "I'd like to thank the Nobel Academy..." and the other is "would you like fries with that?"
*shaking my head*
As I only ended up getting about an hour and a half to really work yesterday I only got about half way through a ladies six speed cruiser rebuild, and will be getting back to it post haste.  Then a couple repairs, and put together that Specialized 29er, as it goes to it's new home this afternoon. 
We sent the little BMX mini racer home with a really excited young lad, and a father willing to give him what he wanted.  We love parents like that!
OKAY, gonna try and get at it! 
See y'all soon!! 


  1. Okay, I admit I'm old and I forget stuff, so please tell me again: How is it that you are NOT a reality show???

  2. Well, simply put, we have been approached, but I'd rather our children grow up with as normal a life as we can provide. Not to mention have a camera shoved in my face when I first get up in the morning!

  3. I'll be content with you blog then, but still... somewhere a producer is having his assistant kick him.

    By the way: Which Mickey D's???