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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Monkey Nuggets.

Yep!  Most of the times I REALLY love my job, as it fuels my preternatural need for recognition!  Hey...I'm a LEO! 
Thanks to all the folks for paying us a visit yesterday.... and this morning, as it turns out!  Right from the moment I pulled up out front had two folks waiting, and sent the Schwinn MTB home, likety split!  Also, had a very kind gent bring in his Honda racing bike, as he has had NO success with his rear tube!  He's gone through two, and the last shop he brought it too changed it out, first, and apparently didn't bother to do a cursory check on the condition of the rim, rather, they informed him he needed a new tire (although he did state, the tread still looked good to him).  Within an hour of leaving the establishment, it was flat.  He brought it back and pointed this out, to which they responded he must have ran over something else.  Trouble is, he hadn't rode it yet!  He just brought it out of their shop, put it in his bike rack and went home.  Once there, he took it down to ride, and
"flumpa, flumpa, flumpa"  it was flat.  Now, mind you, we have had some folks come in for tube changes and within an hour or so, brought it back with a flat, but before we state it was something they ran over we check the tire!  In this case, apparently they didn't.  Well, he then went to the store and bought his own tube, and installed it himself.  Unfortunately...same thing.  At this point a neighbor suggested he bring it too us.  As it turned out, he had two potential causes.  One, the wrong rim strip was put in, it was much too thin, AND there was a bur of molten sodder just at the lip of the rim at the joiner!  How in the HECK did they miss that.  Took a second to snap it off and sand smooth, then we were golden!  We thank the fine gentleman for all the praise he heaped on us, but in fact, it was merely the power of observation! 
OK, special shout out to our newest International friends!  Belarus!  Okay, I am not too proud to admit...I had to Google Map that one!  Had NO idea where it was!  Then again, Geometry  was never my best subject! 
shouldn't that be Geography?
(that last entry was for those folks who don't get my sense of humor)
 Oh, while I am at "Shout Out's" a REAL hearty thank you to the "gimmies" we picked up yesterday!  Had a gent bring in a donations from a young lady working over at the Boxcar, in the form of a "soon-to-be" gem of a ride!  A Dawes Road Bike!  SAH-WEET!!  This one is going to be a peach!!  ALSO, got in an EZip electric bike, minus the motor!  Yep, another person, unfortunate enough to buy one of these "electric" bikes, finally had enough of it's failures (and resulting discovery of just how much it would cost to fix them, elsewhere) and dropped it off for us to "do with it what you will!"  NO PROBLEM!!  Stripped of all the motorized components, it's a pretty sweet, lightweight comfort cruiser!! 
Spent the better part of the day doing up the repairs, as promised, and thankfully, working and moving around got rid of whatever stomach issues I was having, so I was able to finish the day out after all!  In doing so, we were able to put out two more newbies AND process out all the wheels that had been accumulating in my bay!  WOOF!  'Dem's a LOT of wheels shoved under there!  Got a couple REALLY sweet sets out of it all, though!  Two of the sets came out of the back of a scrap truck last week, and were so heavily "guckafied" that I just shoved them underneath for later!  a GOOD thing I didn't scrap 'em!  One set has Campagnolo hubs on Mavic G40 Rims!!!  WHOA!!  They were so encrusted with Quickset Mortar debris, I had NO idea!!!  The other is a really nice set of alloy Araya rims, classic style!  MAN!  I LOVE that part of this job, it's like Christmas at times! 
Needless to say, at this point the wheel rack is BURSTING!!  Thank GOD we reinforced the bloody thing! 
Today, we are hitting the newbies with new found gusto!  Elijah, is doing a rough out on another DBS in the form of a decent Schwinn MTB.  Once I tweak that one out, it's on to the Dawes, and I'll have him strip down the EZip!  Have no worries, that aint all!  We still have the Iron Horse we're going to change into a single, I just need to find the right rear rim for it, then a couple more banger already tore down and in buckets! 
So on to a FULL day!!
See y'all soon!

image 1
image 1
ONLY $70.00!!

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  1. Oh, I am so gonna steal your "geometry" joke!

    And congratulations for finally finding a good use for Ebikes! (I hate them.) Nice to know they can be stripped down and made a productive member of society.