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Friday, April 17, 2015

Free To Be...You And Me!

Tell me if this has ever happened to you.
You're asleep, you're dreaming and you become aware, in the dream, that it IS a dream, and then you try and wake up, but in the dream you suddenly cannot move! Every effort, every attempt is painful if not impossible to make.  You're whole body is frozen, then you become aware of your conscious form, and it too cannot move.  The dream fades away, and you are waking but you still cannot move.  Sleep paralysis.  It's been a LONG time since I've encountered that, but this morning I could not get out of bed.  The alarms were going off, we have three, and one is a really annoying, low tone bongo riff on Angi's IPad, across the room.  She was nudging me to wake up, but I couldn't even speak to tell her I couldn't move!  Thankfully, it doesn't last too long, and after a couple of minuets I forced my self to roll over and literally out of the bed, THUD to the floor, and she, half asleep, mumbled "what are you doing?"  At that point I was able to croak out what had happened, and she responded with a half conscious "oh boy."  She's been with me long enough to remember what followed the last time!  Sleep walking, restless leg, etc.  At that point, awhile back, I would "nervous eat" in my sleep.  I actually got up in the middle of the night and ate an entire 8 pack of Strawberry Pop Tarts (that's a total of 16 separate tarts!) and woke up in the morning with a mouth STILL full of a half chewed tart! 
And Thank God we don't drive anymore!  When this happened when I was twenty I drove from Seabrook NH to the outskirts of Boston half dressed and completely zonked! 
I SOOOO need a day off!
Now that you know WAY more then you ever wanted to about my sleep issues, on to yesterday!
Thanks to everyone for the visits yesterday, and boy, I must have chewed some ears off yappin'!  It's what happens when I've nothing to keep me busy, I turn into "Needie Edie"! 
"You must LOVE ME!!"
ANYway, sorry, in another WEIRD mood today!
So, I did finally find something to do in the way of the stripped down Sun Cycle cruiser we defrocked a few months back.  It had been a motorized bike, that had seen a LOT of use.  Surprisingly, the frame itself, while heavily scratched up and dirty, was still solid.  Of course, I had to replace just about everything else, but the repaint turned out making it look slightly like an old police car!  So...I went with it!  It will be finished shortly, and I will add a post script once it's finished.  Another one of those "I should have done a before and after" shot on!
Towards the very tail end of the day we accumulated three more newbies, ALL DBS stock!  YAY!!  So be looking for those tomorrow!
Now, a funny tale to relate, and NO, I am not going to name, names!  One of our regular "Bike Groupies" who pays us the occasional visit, also patronizes most of the other bike shops in and around Pinellas County.  He is always an excellent source of "Boutique Bike Shop" gossip!  Today, he told me about a recent altercation he endured while visiting a small neighborhood place nearby, that at one point had been a modest little "start-up", that, from the get-go, was catering to the specialty bike market, but still had maintained a more "personal" veneer.   He had been out and about in the area the week before and noticed a fellow rider encountering some mechanical issues, and as this other shop was nearby,  suggested he should pay them a visit and have it taken care off.  Handing off one of the shops business cards, and giving him directions to get there, the gentleman headed in that direction.  Now, so you get the whole picture, the gent was homeless, but was not, in appearance, one of the more hardcore (slightly askew) types you may encounter from time to time.  However, that did not seem to matter much to the owner of this shop, as they have apparently suffered the same egotistical back slide some shops seem to suffer, once they have established themselves, and therefore think themselves "too good" for a "lower class" clientele.
We have seen that FAR too often!  Have these people not heard the old saying "Pride comes before the fall"? 
When our friend went in to pay the shop owner a visit earlier this week, he was not granted his normal friendly greeting, but rather a very curt, if not downright venomous warning of "Don't EVER send me another customer like THAT!
OK, first off, they're people.  No better, no worse then anyone else crawling across this rock.  Second, green is green!  It all spends the SAME way!  Not to mention the fact that you have NO idea who they know!"  Throw a pebble in a pond, and it sends out a LOT of ripples!  Personally, I hold dear to a lesson Angi taught me long ago, you never know which person, who enters into your life, for even the briefest moment, may or may not be an Angel sent to test you.  Of course, I see this as more of a metaphor, but you get the point.
Well, our friend, duly chastised, left the shop bewildered and hurt.  That hurt quickly became indignation and in an ironic twist of "revenge" he not only shredded all of that shops business cards he had been handing out to folks, but also took all of the T-shirts, emblazoned with the shops logo and went down to the local Homeless Hangouts and handed them out specifically to those residents that qualified for the "askew" label.
As I've learned in life, best never to alienate anyone.
So, with that, I'd best be getting a move on!
I am History, NAH, I'm Mythology...Oh, I don't know WHAT I am!

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