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Monday, April 6, 2015

Sugar Aftermath!

Well GOOD MORNING, he says bright eyed and chipper tail! 
Yesterday marked the first day off I have had in eight months!  WOWZERS!  What a blessed day!  Yes, under the guise of Easter I could not, in good conscience, not be at home with the kiddo's.  Elijah volunteered to come in and fill the big chair, and keep the cogs a rollin'!  He sent home one of the Dahon folding bikes, but other then that, things were a wee bit quiet.  I truly didn't expect we would be all that busy anyway , given the holiday, and the fact that most of the area emptied out!
Through many years of trial and error, Angi and I know how to proceed with a day primarily composed of HIGH fructose corn syrup intake!  We rolled out of bed around 9am...then at about ten, and went out to subdue the errant noise pollution.  Once the kiddo's were calmed down, we feed them breakfast, first!  Adults know, never drink on an empty stomach, so is it true for children and sugar!  Especially when your children don't get any except for holidays and birthdays!  Thankfully, they didn't bug and whine as to when they will get their baskets (hidden in Mom and Dad's room) so we took them all outside to run about in the pleasant Spring air.  When we were out there, perhaps it was the Spring Fever, or just the NEED to get the yard cleaned up, but Angi got to cleaning and I reluctantly joined in!  We spent a couple hours in the afternoon, discarding the plethora of "pick up's" that Owen, primarily (but the other kids can be guilty of it too) has dragged home from school MANY a day.  Certain odds and ends, trash picked, then quickly lost interest in or forgotten and had been accumulating in the shed and on the side of the house.  There now sits a rather imposing pile of rubbish at the end of the driveway (that has been summarily rifled through by several "pickers") to be hauled away tomorrow.  Of course this momentum led to sweeping, and hosing down, and washing, and in the end, we had places to sit outside that were, in fact, inviting!  Surprising how you can just get used to things!  Truly, I had NO idea just how much useless crud we had littering the shed!  No wonder the kids fail, most days, to put their bikes away!
After that was all done, we went in and did the basket thing.  Here too, we have learned, more toys, less candy!  Especially for Miranda, who still possesses a rather strong "reflex" in her tummy that has a very short limitation on just how much sweet, anything, it will hold!  YES!  We actually made it through the day without having to clean up ICK!  It was funny though, her "early warning system" is a yawn and a series of wet coughs, that make everyone jump into action!  The kids know to rush and get towels and the Swiffer jet, and Mom or Dad know to get her away from any upholstered furniture.  So when she did yawn and cough, everyone froze, poised to move frantically!  Then she just looked at us all, as if to say "...What?"
After the kids gorged themselves on what little sweets they got, we did the whole dinner thing before the egg hunt.  Having cleaned out the grill and the deck, we opted for a non traditional Easter Feast of Barbeque! 
Of course, having gratified themselves on jelly beans and chocolate eggs, they did not eat as much as I would hope.  BUT, have no fear, we save what doesn't get eaten, Soooooo, "BEANIE WEENIES" tonight!!! Not to mention Suzanne getting a couple half eaten burgers as a treat! 
The Easter Egg hunt is always about a sixty second deal.  The wee ones go out with about a three minute start, as the other three are like Easter Egg Hoovers!  Of course, Miranda, like all the others have done at her age, will find one egg, then plop down on the ground to devour the contents.  She hasn't grasped the concept of "collecting" them yet.  It was cute, none the less, and once everything was collecting, they all disappeared, afraid that mom would "divvy up" and limit their consumption.  In truth, all we did was check that Miranda did not get too much, but left the others to their vices.  The end result of the frivolity and sugar was, the inevitable crash....

In the throes of "Transformers" they all started drifting off, Miranda being the first. 
Along the veins of productivity, when everyone was chilling, I gave Suzanne another flea bath, as she has still been itching a bit, then, being fueled by my own inner motivation, even though Ginger is an outside cat, she still spends a lot of time on our porch, and as she has been itching lately....
yep, I gave a cat a bath!  WOOF!  Surprisingly, she didn't claw or bite me once!  It was quiet a chore though, holding on to her, while I washed her in the kiddie pool!  Our neighbors must have thought I was crazy!
We ended the wonderful day with story time for the girls and Magic for the boys, where we all, as expected, were TROUNCED by Logan's expert deck building skills!  JEEZE!!  Once everyone was passed out Momma and Daddy took a shower, and initially had planned on relaxing in front of a movie, but once out realized just how bloody tired WE were, and promptly passed out!
A very good day off!
Saturday was incredibly busy!  I lost track of how many rides we sent to new homes, but for a couple hours there it was non stop!  I did manage to put out one newbie, later in the day, but the better part  was spent visiting and talking to folks, and sending them off to the Trail, fully equipped!  Thank You all SO much for spending some time with us!
Today, I have a couple of rides (found in our shed that I forgot we even HAD!) that I will be rehashing, then....who KNOWS what!  I'd love it if many a folk came down and gave us something to occupy our time with!  HINT, HINT!
Now, it's back at it!
See y'all right quick!

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ONY $85.00!!

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