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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Shame, Shame...eternal Shame!

Well, it's true.  I don't get out much.  Here seven days a week, and at the house the remainder of the time, I don't get to explore my surroundings much, but that's why we have our "informants" who bring me up to speed on the goings on around the area!  One proliferate rider is our Uncle Chippie, seemingly perpetually perched atop one bike seat or another, he see's all and knows all!  Yesterday he paid us one of his visits, and informed me that he has been witnessing somewhat of a phenomenon in Pinellas County and perhaps beyond, but I don't thinks he's traveling on Veloist power past the county line.  Now this news, as a fellow cyclist, sent me aback, and I am not to diplomatic to state, offended me.  It would seem, that even in areas proposed to be cyclist friendly, there is apparently some VERY blatant Cyclist discrimination going on out there in many of our business  establishments!  Forgive me the comparison, as I realize in the jaded course of American history, there was FAR worse discrimination occurring, but when I heard of the bold signs littering the landscape it harkens me back to historic photos of the all to prominent signs denoting "Whites ONLY".  Signs announcing that the business within was for a specific class of humans only and none other need bother to TRY and come in.  So, in effect, that is what these, and other signs, say to me.  That those lowly humans that do not conform to the addictive tendencies, and callous misuse of natural resources by arriving there in motorized vehicles, need not bother! 
No oil, no gas, no service!
This is an example of the signs I am talking about...

OK, so maybe I'm taking it a wee bit personal, and perhaps these establishments have viable reasons, such as safety, convenience, intrusion or obstruction, to NOT want bicycles staggered about their property, but the sign itself denotes a VERY negative opinion of bicycles and by extension, cyclists themselves.  Mind you, I have been on the Trail many a time, and I will acquiesces, that there are SOME cyclists who deserve to be shunned, as they are quite rude, and inconsiderate to the other cyclists and pedestrians alike.  But there are bad apples in EVERY bushel! 
What I found really ironic about the placement of some of these signs was the businesses CLOSE proximity to the Trail itself!  Uncle chippie spent the last day or so, taking photo's of these signs and the businesses sporting them, and in my moral outrage, I jumped at the opportunity to throw my two cents into the ring.  For a brief moment I even contemplated contacting these places as to inquire "why?".  But, who has time for research?!   Nah, I'd rather just rave on, and should they catch wind of it, perhaps they'll rethink their policies.  One of the spots, sporting at least two of the blatant hate spewing tags, sits RIGHT on the Trail!!!   WOW!  Talk about alienation! 
Let's get serious for a second, there are really only TWO main reasons why ANY tourists comes to this area (Blue Jay Stadium not withstanding) and that is the beaches and the Trail.  We are in the business of bikes (if that wasn't already obvious) and we get a lot of traffic from folks visiting from other countries, and I could list MANY, where cycling is a normal way of life.  They wish to experience the American way of it.  I cannot say if they encounter the same kind of shabby treatment in their countries, in regards to their choice of motivation, but it sure must not look good to them pulling off the Trail for lunch or a drink only to discover they are not welcome!  I mean, if the reason for the signs is perhaps a bike may obstruct entrance into the business, or access to out door seating, or block an emergency exit, why not provide a safe place to lock up the bikes, with an accorded sign stating something to the effect of "Please, bicycle parking provided over yonder"  or some such direction?  And the owners of these businesses SHOULD take into consideration, that most cyclist's visiting their place, DO want to be able to SEE there bikes as they sample your wares.  Don't do like the McDonalds (you will see pic'd below) where the bike rack is at the end of the parking lot, far away from the building and near the road!  Easy access and escape route for would be bike thieves!  And one of these photo's gave me a GREAT chuckle!  You'll know what I mean when you see it, but if not, I'll point out my reason for jocularity!  Also, there will be the names and addresses to fully identify these places, as a public service, so that you may make informed choices as to where you will or won't stop on your next outing.  And yes, I did have a moments trepidation about "outing" these folks, but in the end, my loyalty lies with my Veloist brethren, and they need to be made aware of the places they should either inform of their dislike for being singled out, or to avoid altogether.  Chip has also let me know he will be sending me more pics as they come available! 

Yep!  You're "Welcome" at the McDonald's at 1250
West Bay Drive, Largo FL but NOT if you're
coming on a bike!

Apparently at Nature’s Food Patch, 1225 Cleveland

 Street, Clearwater FL they want you to EAT healthy, but
 God FORBID you get to their store in a healthy way!!

And here's the one that REALLY tickled me!  This place sits RIGHT on the corner of
 Main Street, Downtown Dunedin and the Trail, see if you can pick out the

So I guess Café Alfresco, 344 Main Street, Dunedin FL
 has no problem exploiting bicycles in their mural, but you
sure as heck best not bring YOUR bike there!!

So, that's it for our photo montage for today, but two more places where you best
 not bring two wheels too (that we unfortunately have no photo's of) are....

Clearwater Plaza, 1200 block South Missouri Avenue, Clearwater FL
Dr. Wm. Hale Senior Activity Center, 330 Douglas Avenue, Dunedin FL
That last one denotes some irony as well!  Not only with an entrance located directly
off the trail, but, think about it, a place dedicated to keeping senior citizens "active"
that won't let them ride a bicycle to?  Kind of like "Jumbo Shrimp" or "Military Intelligence"
 don't you think?
Oh, that was fun!
OK, a brief "catch up" on the day yesterday and then I am going to do my imitation of
someone with something to do!  Yesterday was all about repairs (although we did find time
 to put out a real clean looking DBS!) with folks headed out for the Holiday weekend, they
came in, at the last minute, to get their rides up and running.  Sometimes, it is a wee but sad,
 that the only time some folks break out their rides is on Holiday!  Anywho, at least they're
not completely unused!  That kept us hopping all day, and only had the last hour for new
builds, which worked out to a point as the one we did build was the second to last one we
 had to work on!  OOPS!  Looks like we need more fresh meat, folks!  Then, it was the trek
 home to MOVIE NIGHT!! We opted for a rerun, as the girls wanted to watch "Mama Mia"
again.  They recently discovered it, and had been plaguing Angi with it on constant loop,
and of course the boys snubbed their noses, derivitivly at the thought of a "Chick Flick"
but were reminded that many a movie night was spent with  guy film, comic book action,
and such so they best just sit down, shut up, and try and enjoy the film.  And, hey, it is
a REALLY good flick!  I hate to admit it, but I am a closet fan of good musicals!  OK,
throw the "rainbow" jokes if you will, but "Singing in the Rain" and "Hairspray" are
two of my all time favorite movies (and I have been known to pop a copy of "Grease"
 in from time to time!!) This movie is a real good, feel good film, and the most fun was
watching Izzy and Rozy sing along while Miranda danced about!  Adorable!!
Now, oddly enough, once the film ended and prancing girls (and slightly annoyed boys)
were put to bed, Angi and I were not yet tired, so we decided to watch something else.
 I asked Angi if she would pick a film, and out of all the flicks we have, she choose
Quinton Tarrentino's "Inglorious Bastards!" LOL!  I guess all the "feel good" was too
 much for her! 
Funny story:   A few years back as Angi and I were perusing through the Pawn Shop's
DVD collection, in the off chance they may actually have something we had not seen,
she located the first two "Saw" films (very icky movies!!!) and I located a copy of
"Mona Lisa's Smile" (I'm a sucker for Julia Roberts!) as we went to pay, the young
attendant chuckled, and stated "I bet I can guess who chose which movies!  Angi
and I grinned at each other and stated in unison "I bet you can't!"
Now, I'm going to try and find something to do!  If y'all are in the area, pays us
a visit today as this is PERFECT riding weather!!!
And have a great egg hunt tomorrow!

image 1
ONLY $65.00!!!

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  1. Wow, thank you, Steven!

    If any of your readers finds any other shining examples of whatever the opposite of virtue is when it comes to welcoming cyclists, I'd be honored to add them to the list.

    And I'm very sorry that there even is such a list.