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Friday, April 10, 2015


So, Okay...forget what I've ever said about Florida NOT having any hill's!'s got hill's, all right!
Either that, or the last few months of busyness and general lack of any serious riding on my part, other then to home and back, has left me squishy in the middle!
Yesterday, had to break in the afternoon to take Kaleb to his dentist appointment.  As I'd mentioned, finding one who will actually take insurance, is a chore!  I finally located one in Palm Harbor, and to save on cab fare, we took a ride.  Now, if you don't live in the area, where we live and work is flat.  I mean, FAH-LAHT! Maybe a 2% rise on the way home in front of the schools, but that's about it.  SO,  we took off down Main st, then North on CR1 (just Google map it, and follow along) then East on Tampa road, past Route 19 (OH, there's a FUN crossing!  Seriously!  Does anyone know how to drive!?  At the point you cross over, there is some kind of funky barrier of raised rubber decking and plastic reflector posts, that have obviously been ran over numerous times!  And does ANYONE clean this up?!  I mean, there is a thirty foot trail of broken glass, reflective mirrors, bits of plastic, and metal and leaning up against the signal post was someone's twisted bumper!!  There are fortunate times like this that my affirmation against driving is thoroughly reinforced!) then to the dentist's office.
Now along the way, once I got my rhythm, I was excited to be doing some real riding, and...well, about half way up CR1,  kind of overdid it.  Riding Greedo, my single speed vintage Schwinn, I just started pumping my legs, and kept pumping.  At this point I discovered some of those aforementioned hills!  I'll give Kaleb credit.  Physically, he is in top shape, as he rides everywhere!  A bike trip to Saint Pete, or New Port Richey is a cake walk to him, and he was taking it easy on his old man, but once I started riding hard he was, like, ZIP gone!  And on a squat little Diamondback BMX, no less!  He sailed up the hill, standing, but tying to be cool, I remained seated.
By the time we hit Tampa road, I was feeling it.  Of course, being a man, I wasn't going to show it, but, being a nimnut, and not taking into consideration the warmer weather when we left, I hadn't taken a water with me (although Angela HAD reminded me in the morning, it would be a good thing to do!) SO, I started feeling a tad bit light headed.  Now this may have been due to the fact that at this point my brain was getting more oxygen then it has in SOME time (no jokes, please) but concerned for the risk of heat stroke, I coolly said to Kaleb "Son, you need to get some water, it may be too hot out here for you!" 
Yep, way to slick to admit I'd been bested!
Once the appointment was done we headed back, this time at a more leisurely pace, with fresh water bottles, and hit the shop about five PM.  Elijah informed me it had been real quiet, unfortunately.  Not wanting to end the day without having finished anything, we stuck around so I could finish the 26" BMX "Scratch Build" I'd been making out of that thrashed 29'er, and he tore down the other two newbies, so I can wrench them out today.  I have to admit, this BMX'er is sexy!  Now, I don't do a lot of white bikes. Not that I don't think they look good, but because taking the time to repaint and clear coat them, then gunk them all up with my greasy hands, is annoying!  I am perpetually wiping them down as I go, and inevitably, have to touch up when I'm done.  And as white paint comes out thicker, overspray an be a REAL issue!  BUT, in the end, she looks SAH-WEET!  That's why I'm calling it "Sexual White Chocolate!" (and if you miss the reference, just check out Eddie Murphy's film "Coming To America").  Yes, it started out as a 29'er, but came in pieces, and rusted pieces to boot, but the frame was good and light!  I didn't have a spare rear 29" wheel, so I had to do something with it.  I was inspired by Danny MacAskill who does some INCREDIBLE stuff on BMX's (check him out on Youtube, he proves gravity is NOT a law, but more of a limiting suggestion!  And if you've seen the film "Premium Rush" HE'S the guy doing the BMX bit through the Police impound lot!) and one of the bikes he was riding.  This frame had a similar look, so I went with it.  Now, the only potential issue's with this bike is, the spacing in the rear end, and the length of the cranks!  The cranks, are, a tad bit too long, but I wanted a good, long stroke and as long as you keep the pedal up on the side your turning, it ain't an issue! 
Today, I've got the 7 speed comfort cruiser in the rack, and another baseball player looking to snag it up, so we'll see how long it lasts.  Then I'm on to the ladies Giant! 
OKAY folks!  Weekend riding is coming up, and looks to be clear!  We'll see ya soon! 

image 1
"I'm...too sexy for my tread!  So sexy it hurts..."
ONLY $180.00!!

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