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Saturday, April 11, 2015

And the moral of the story is....

Yesterday there was a whole lot a bangin' goin' on! 
Making up for not being around Thursday much, I managed to get out three newbies, and field strip another five!  Oh yea, we are still buying bikes for parts, as always, and I got me a humdinger of a special one!  picked up a late 40's Schwinn with a lock out springer front end.  The bike itself was WAY to far gone to rebuild, as the metal was heavily pitted (shame someone would let a gem like this go to pot) but we salvaged the entire front end (minus the fender) the chain guard and the head badge.  I LOVE the classic brass head badges!  The front end sits on the wall up for grabs, unless of course I find something to use it on!  The "Pimpin' Paper Boy" is a thought....
Of the three newbies, we have a like new ladies Diamondback MTB, a Fully re-furbed Ladies Giant Hybrid (a wee bit of wear on the paint, but otherwise an excellent riding ride!) and a 7 speed comfort cruiser "DAILY BANGER SPECIAL!!" 
Sent two too new homes as well, the baseball player having decided on the folding 20", as the aforementioned DBS was not yet finished when he arrived!  Also found a very appreciative home for the men's antique JC Higgins, destined to become wall art.  Not sure how I feel about it not seeing much road time, but at least it will be in climate controlled comfort, arresting any further decay! 
As always, thank you SOOOO much to all the folks coming in and paying us a visit with their repairs, and enthusiastically hoping that we can have them done the same day!  THAT'S what we like to see!  Happy folks eager to get back on the road to ride!  One such repair had me kerflumexed.  A real sharp and very new looking three wheel recumbent (here's where we toot our horn again folks!  So skip it if you're not into gloating).  She had recently brought it to another bike shop closer to where she lives in Oldsmar.  When she went to shift the front gearing, if she went up to three, the chain fell off, and if she went to one it bypassed it altogether and dropped off the other side!  Well, that is a simple matter of a set screw adjust!  The two little screws on top (or sometimes the side) of the derailleur that create a stop for the cage so it doesn't go to far.  About five minuets of your time (or less) with a Phillips head screw driver and a slow ride about the parking lot, and you got it licked.  BUT, as I took it out and looked at it, whoever had done the work changed the position of the derailleur in an attempt to solve the problem?!  In effect making the drops intermittent, depending on the position of the rear gearing.  When she brought it back to them (having dropped the chain again after 15 minuets of riding after getting it back) they said "it's fine, it may do that occasionally, but it's ok.
!?!?!?  It either works, or it doesn't.  I was quite flattered when she said "We decided to bring it to you.  You worked on our other bike and YOU GUYS know what you're doing!"
"GAWRSH!" (best Goofy imitation I can do) So it begs the question, if your bike mechanic cannot adjust a simple derailleur?  What else is they doin' wrong?
OK, y'all can come back, I'm done!
A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT to Angi's home country of Ireland for a sudden flush of views on the blog!  And one to Russia as well, for besting our American numbers yesterday! 
Having finished just about everything I wanted to accomplish for the day before close, we set off for the evening to the house for FRIDAY NIGHT MOVIE NIGHT!
The pic of the evening?  "Into the Woods"  This is another film in Disney's new batch of "rewriting Fable History" based on the  Musical of the same name.  Starring a superb cast, it intertwines the stories of Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood (with an EXCELLENT portrayal of the Big Bad Wolf by Jonny Depp!  Who belts out a rather disturbing tune about dining on the plump little girl and "crackly" grandmother) and Rapunzel (the TRUE story, where the father to be steals the weird green plants "Rapunzel" from the witches garden and is forced to give the witch his newborn child for not punishing him).  It is a film that lives up to the true purpose of fables, and that is to teach morals!  And WOW do they squeeze in a LOT!!!  The songs are not as intrusive as one might think, and actually move the story along.  One, is particularly, embarrassingly,  humorous and that is a duet between Prince Charming (Chris Pine) and Rapunzel's Prince (Billy Magnussen)!  Apparently, Chris Pine, still immersed in William Shatners "Captain Kirk", uber-overacts it classic Shatner style!  WOW!  It defies description, you just have to TRY to watch the screen to experience it!  BUT, it is ALL in good fun!  Anna Kendrick as Cinderella is a joy (as is everything else I have seen her in, she was definitely the ONE stand out from the Twilight franchise) heavily dousing the interpretation with her trademark "uneasily self assured" mannerisms.  Meryl Streep as the "witch"?  Really?  Could ANYONE else have done it as good as her? 
Check that one out folks, well worth the rental!
OK, moving on with the homestead.  Elijah, has yet again found another line of work.  Apparently, finally taking Dad' advice, he has (for the time being) acquiesced that "manual labor" is it for now, and is working with a Lawn Maintenance company.  I ponder how long that will last, as Kaleb had to force him out of bed this morning to get to work!  As he apparently mumbled "Saturdays are optional".
Gonna get my butt in gear, and finish up the left behinds. 
Hope to see y'all soon!!

image 1
ONLY $80.00!!
image 1
ONLY $145.00!!
image 1
ONLY $120.00!!

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