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Friday, April 24, 2015

“If there's anything more important than my ego around, I want it caught and shot now.”

Ever have one of those mornings when you get WAY to philosophical before 9 AM? 
Having long since figured out I need to leave the house by 8.30 in order to get there by 9.00 (mind you, it's really only about a five minute ride from our house) as Suzanne has an inherent imperative that predicates her unavoidable need to "sniff".  I've tried riding in the center of the road through our neighborhood just to try and make it out quickly, but if she catches some errant scent, she'll damn near pull me off Greedo just to get to it!  So, acquiescing to the inevitable, I just go slow, and wait.
It's during those waiting periods I have time to plan, or reflect, ponder, or lament whatever may or may not be going on in our life at any particular moment.  Sometimes that's a good thing, as it represents "me" time.  Then there are the times, like this morning, ones mind trails off in an entirely different path to something more imposing.  Oddly enough, it was as Suzanne was performing her morning "constitutional".  Now, if you're not a dog owner, this may sound a tad bit "icky", but as she does so, I watch.  No, this is not some perverse "ism" but merely the need to check and make sure there is no signs of anything "unusual", as in canines, it can lead to serious, life threatening problems.  It was at that moment, I began to ponder the majesty of the digestive system, bacteria, flies and larvae, which then branched out into broader musings on the intricacies of our eco system, the complex integration of every little aspect of life on this rock and their individual role in making sure everything works the way nature intended it to.  Then of course came the perplexing integration of man, and where exactly they fit into the whole bowl of Jambalaya.  Inevitably this lead to the question "Why are we here"?  Of course, the more humorous side of me said "42!" (OK, VERY obscure joke folks, just read (or watch) "The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy") But by the time we Hit the Walgreens parking lot I had to shake my head out of the thought provoking ether and acknowledge the fact that I had had nowhere NEAR enough coffee for this train of thought!
Before I rave on about yesterday, A whoopin' SHOUT OUT to our International friends, who all combined (there were a total of 17 on the board from yesterday) outdid the American numbers two to one!  WHOOP, WHOOP!!  Now, I have often wondered why we get very few comments on the blog, given that we get a lot of people coming in here commenting on it, as I would love to know what y'all think, but after a conversation with Uncle Chippie this morning, he gave me a clue.  Seems with all the anti-Spam tech out there, it has become somewhat of a bear to get through and actually LEAVE a comment!  I just ask, if you have anything you want to say, good or bad, please brave the Sushi Line and leave us a note!
So, yesterday was an up and down day, as they often times can be, and we had blocks of "quiet" that were not squandered, as we managed to put out FOUR!  And a good thing!  Seems the word has gotten out over at Spring Training and two more "Jay's" (If I can call them that) paid us a visit yesterday and walked away with the Murray DBS on the Vacation Plan!  Keep spreading the word, folks as right now we have a LOT of DBS's available!   Even with the torrential rain in the earlier part of the day we got in a few repair drop offs, but as there was NO way I could do a test ride, had to put them aside for today!  Had a regular drop in to pick up another ride, this time he grabbed the Schwinn Ranger DBS, as he want's to occasionally park the road bike he got a few months back and hit some dirt!  More power to you, sir!  Towards the very tail end of the day we happily found a home for the Peugeot conversion we did about a month back.  Yes, it had sat here for a lot longer then I had thought, but as we like to say "A bike will always find it's owner".  Glad to see it going to a good home! 
So, we did finish up that Iron Horse Single Speed Conversion, and went with a 40/15 gearing.  Was going to do a 40/20, but oddly enough the 20 we have was a left hand drive (?) and she is a PEACH!!  Lightweight frame, she really gets out of her own way!
Next up, were a couple of newbies we got in that day, specifically a real sweet, like new, hard to find Ladies 24" Cruiser.  This one barely saw ANY road time, so she was in EXCELLENT condition!!  Then, the same can be said for the 26" dual shock MTB we got in trade for a wheel and tube!  I mean, barely rode, this one was just taking up space on his porch, and the Apartment complex he lives at said it needed to be stored away or gone.  Lucky for us, he had no more room for storage!
Check them out below!
OKAY, I'd love to sit and ramble, but I've already gotten in three repairs since I started this diatribe, so I best jump on it!
See ya soon!!

image 1
ONLY $70.00!!
image 1
ONLY $90.00!!
image 1
ONY $120.00!!


  1. Oh, man- that Iron Horse single speed is a hipster's dream. Well done, sir!

    Also, now that I have seen the Dawes in person, WOW. Whadda beaut!

    Can't wait to see what hits the line next!

    1. YES SIR! Thank you! And, as expected, neither of the two lasted the day yesterday, both finding eager new homes! As far as what's next....OLD SCHOOL Cannondale!!! Not to mention a SAH-WEET Specialized 29'er (but that ones already spoken for though!)

  2. Hello, It's a tad bit chilly today here in NJ. I took you and Chips advice on the chain tool and got a little Park tool. Also read Chips book on "Practical Cyclist". A good entertaining read. Curious how he came to the conclusion of why we all start riding in the first place. Could you possibly post a side link to your other sites such as ebay and facebook? A possible cause of no comments is a login requirement to do so. =)

    1. Thanks for the info, John. If I could figure out how the link up works, I'd do it. However, BlogSpot can sometimes be a little less then "user Friendly". As far as Facebook, well, for personal reasons I will NEVER have anything to do with that medium, sorry. As far as Ebay, I'll look into that.

  3. Hey there, John!

    I try to be the most accessible author on earth. To that end, my email is Any time you want to talk bikes, drop me a line!

    As for why we even start to ride bikes as kids, I'd say it has to do with the "fast & fun" factor. (It's faster than walking and way more fun!)

    As for why bikes caught on as they did over 100 years ago, it was all about control and ease. They were easier to own than horses, and you could do things with them you could not do with horses. The bicycle was positively scandalous in the 1890's!