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Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Bickering Bickerton's

OK, I am, like , really shocked!!
Seriously, Seven Hundred and Forty Eight reads yesterday!!!
That's the equivalent of almost a normal week on here!  I am blushing MOST humbly!  And I'll take a moment to welcome a few more countries to the fold.  Japan, Hong Kong, Turkey, Italy, Brazil and China. 
Oooo.  I really hope folks in China don't take offence to some of the things I've said about the level of quality of their imports.  Woof.
I'm in trouble!
AND, special shout out once again to Poland!  Y'all EXCEEDED our American views by 22!!  Keep it up, folks! 
And if that all was not reason enough to make my head impossible to pass through a door, got a call (granted, it was a sales call) from a gent with an Internet advertising firm.  He informed me, that this year alone, we have had 96,783 views on Google search.  Now, I don't know if that would be considered huge, given the amount of people on the Internet, but it sounds pretty damn impressive to me! Shuck's a mighty! Makes a small town farm boy feel right proud, it does!
Okay, THAT sounded hokey!
Yesterday, being in the throes of Spring Break, where the whole town empties and migrates East for the week, we have had plenty of time to keep busy building!  Actually had to move the tire display just to make room for the new builds!  Finished the ladies antique cruiser.  She came out pretty sweet!  Love the fenders, chain guard and fork struts on this one!  Staying in the vein of cruisers, tore down and rebuilt a "banger" ladies single speed cruiser.  Newer tires, a full repack on the rear and full fenders with a rear bobtail, that doesn't match the paint, but what the heck! It went out cheapie cheap! ALSO, have a REAL special treat!  This is a TRUE one of  kind classic we've had sitting here for some time.  Originally brought in by one of our special regulars for a tune up and tire replacement, it has sat here for months.  We were having a heck of a time finding tires for it, as it is a rather unique, old school, British size.  After having no luck, and subsequently, her life taking an odd turn (having remarried in, according to her, her "golden years") her priorities changed, and the other day asked if we just wanted to keep it!  SURE!!  This thing is SOO awesome in it's uniqueness!   Aluminum framed, Bickerton Portable folding bike, three speed!  What a head turner!!  Check out the pic below!
Also, put up a Mongoose BMX, with NEW tires (I could not believe we ran out of 20" tires!!!) It's 98% done in my rack, having gone past closing time last night anyway, waiting on some folks who had been desperately trying to find us!  So, going to finish that up, first thing then on to....not sure!  But I'll find something! 
The kiddo's were in rare form last night!  Cabin fever and excess energy drove us to shoo them outside to burn off energy.  Four boys running amok, armed with a basketball, doubling as a dodge ball.
After about half an hour, the impetuous youths seriously endangered their chances of granting Angela and I grandchildren.  Apparently they ARE the target.  Thankfully, we had ice packs!  The girls were no slackers either, choosing to have a foot race around, and around....and around the couch, culminating in slippery socks and an ill timed turn.  Boo Boo's cared for and cuddles and coo's given, they recovered.  Of course, Logan, the one hold out, took refuge on his bunk, cell phone clutched protectively in his palm.  How he stays so thin with such a minimum of physical exertion is beyond me!  by about ten PM, Mom and Dad had had enough, and bedtime was LOUDLY announced! 
OKAY, now...back to the brink!
See y'all soon! 

image 1
ONLY $95.00!!
image 1
ONLY $165.00!!
image 1
ONLY $60.00!!

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