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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Who's Got The Button?!

I need to find someone who makes buttons.  I'm gonna make commemorative buttons for folks who are on the winning side of the ten minute rule, as a way of saying thanks and welcoming them to the exclusive club. 
Yesterday was an interesting, strange bird.  The morning started off WAY quiet!  Did all the morning chores, plopped down at the 'puter, finished up the "paperwork", then went to get started on...something.  Unfortunately, the couple remaining projects I have to do, are short some crucial parts!  Not wanting to be deterred from accomplishment, I turned my attention to the rather large bucket, left over from the last "Part's sorting".  UGH!  This is all the "small" stuff, nuts, bolts, barrels, hangers, hooks, races...etc.  All the tedious, eye crossing doo-dads that just keep accumulating, because NO ONE ever wants to sort them out.
Had to be done. THANKFULLY, as I was nearing the end of the bucket (and before starting on the 400 pounds of bottom brackets and neck components I have failed to sort we first opened (sad reality is, before we really thought about keeping items like this together and complete, we would tear them down to their single components and chuck them in bins, however over the years they have been jumbled about to be just a few large containers of "I'll be digging for ours to find this one bloody race!" kind of organization.)) we inexplicably got WAY busy!  In the last two hours of the day, we got three repairs in, had four pick ups and sent five rides to new homes!  WOWZERS!!!  We appreciate all the kind words of encouragement about why folks choose us to do their repairs, Thank you!  A lovely couple came up from Saint Pete to check out the JC Higgins for her, and at first glance, they thought it may be to small.  As it turns out, she is more torso then leg so it was perfect fit.  Then, out of a passing curiosity they inquired if we had a cheapie cheap cruiser for him, and I turned him to the older Huffy we recently put together. Not much to look at, but a thoroughly clean ride.  He took it for a spin and was hooked.  The Huffy seven speed cruiser we had as a frame out back got in the rack, finally, the day before, and while perched there, a couple came in and were interested.  They came and snatched it up as soon as it was finished.  She needed a lot of TLC, but worth it in the end.  At that same point, we had a gent in here looking for a decent ride to bang about town, as he recently relocated to Dunedin and has discovered the fun and convenience of the Pinellas Trail.  He tried the Specialized, the Cannondale and then the Schwinn Crisscross.  He really liked the latter, but wanted to "think about it".
We started the clock.
As he was pulling out of the parking lot, a young lady came in looking for a bike for her boyfriend.  An obviously thinly veiled attempt to get him to ride with her.  After getting the particulars of what SHE was riding and his size, I turned her attentions to the Columbia and the Schwinn Crisscross. She was sold on the Schwinn.  Hey, it IS a sexy bike! 
Then, as the day was winding down, we started to pack it in.  Between the Clown Bike and the bike rack a gent came in, just to check things out.  We paused in our efforts to give him a clear path, and as he looked about casually his eyes alighted on the '75 Schwinn Speedster, and he stopped.  He enthusiastically divulged that THIS was the kind of bike he had been looking for, and would we wait ten minuets for him to hit the ATM.
SO, once again, we find ourselves in all to familiar territory.  The biggest drawback in our chosen profession is that more often then not demand far outweighs supply!  AHHHHH!  Have no fear though, as is also, always the case, when in our most desperate hour, fate provides!  I am envisioning some heavy buying in our future!  Fingers crossed!
We did manage to pick up one newbie yesterday, in trade, and that one is already stripped down in my rack and ready for a thorough cleaning!
So, with that, I'd best jump on it!
Hope to chat with y'all soon!

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