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Friday, March 27, 2015


As far as days go, yesterday was, in the vernacular, "POOPIE!!"
No, I'm not talking of business or the wonderful folks who came in to pay us a visit, especially the little girl who was SO extremely excited that her grandparents picked out the little pink BMX for her next stage of development.  Apparently, the bikes colors are closely like that of "Monster High" (if you have  little girl(s) you'll know what I'm talking about) and she was doing a cute little dance and clapping her hands when she finally got to ride it after a few adjustments.  Yep, it's things like THAT which make this all worthwhile!
No, I'm speaking of the strange air of "That which CAN go wrong, WILL go wrong!"  And, considering some of the folks I'd talked to throughout the day, we were NOT an isolated case of the "misfortune blues"! 
Our day started off well enough, but around ten AM, I heard Suzanne barking out back, went to check, just in time to see the Progress energy folks clicking us off!  WHAT THE FUDGE?!?!  A quick phone call later, come to find out, the last payment we made either by my fault or theirs, went on our home account!?  I blissfully went about my month, not knowing that the axe would soon fall.  I mean, it was a mere pittance, but clearly if they don't get every cent they are owed...
Knowing full well, there aint' no point in arguing,  I ponied up the pennies, even before the guy LEFT the parking lot!!  They then responded that they would send out the turn on order and we'd be back up...."at some point today"? 
Um...but he's STILL here!  Why can't HE turn it back on? 
"The order goes out to the trucks and the next available technician will be out"
(and exactly HOW do you justify calling someone who flips a switch, a "technician"?)
UGH. point in getting upset.  Serves NO purpose! six O'clock when we left, the lights STILL were not back on! 
YES FOLKS!  One of MANY reasons why Florida, the PROGRESS ENERGY MONOPOLY STATE, fully lining the pockets of ALL righteous governmental bigwigs is a GOOD thing for consumers!  I think they deserve ANOTHER price hike just for providing such WONDERFUL service, and being such all around benevolent! 
(wow.  Sarcasm IS tough to represent in writing.  Almost reads like I was serious!)
Yes, I KNOW it was probably my screw up.  Doesn't make trying to see in the dark any easier!
But, yea, it seems like EVERYONE was having a screwed up day!  One lady who came in for a tube change on a bike she just inherited couldn't lower it's seat and in the trip over had to stop quick, slipped off and broke her shoe.  Then, as I went to remove her rear wheel, I opened the brake caliper...and both pads fell out of the brake shoe! 
According to her, she was going straight home to hide for the rest of the day.
I KNOW what you mean!!
Sadly, she was not the only person having a "rum go"! 
Needless to say, with my aged eye's, trying to work in the cave like darkness of this place, is tantamount to calamity, but I gave it a go, and had about two hours of light from the back door, where I could get the repairs finished, but spent the remainder just doing tear downs.  Of course, at one point I kept busy cleaning, and as a demonstration of just how doddering I am getting, when I finished organizing and dusting I went to vacuum the floor...
and couldn't figure out why the VACUUM wouldn't work!!!
Oh yes, sign me up for Hospice care at the home for the very numb!
I obviously have a LOT to catch up on, so I am going to "beat feet" and get ta workin'!
See y'all soon!  And may today pass by without negativity!

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