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Monday, March 9, 2015

Please Forward To Appropriate Department Heads

Dear God,
Good morning, this is Steven again.  It's been a couple day's since we last talked, and as I usually don't ask for anything, I thought it more prudent to put this formal request in writing.  As I am sure you are aware, from recent weather reports, that last week we here in Florida had only two days not plagued with rain, or at the very least very dark, gray skies, threatening the same.  Those two days were, to not put to fine a point on it, busy,  blessedly so (forgive the pun).  As I watched everyone milling about their day, stopping in for repairs, or to snag up a new ride, or just spend the day window shopping, it got me to thinking, and forgive me if this sound presumptuous, but I have a suggesting regarding "rain".  Now, I do recognize that from a strictly ecological standpoint, we down here NEED rain, in order to survive.  I mean, if the trees, foliage and crops don't get rain we are, well, screwed.  BUT, would it be too much to ask if, perhaps, we put the tap on a timer?  My thought is, in the bible it mentions mans body is a temple and all that, so it goes without saying, one could assume that physical exercise is paramount to maintaining that temple.  So, it follows, that man should have appropriate availability of clement weather to get out AND exercise.  Trouble is, if it is raining constantly our ability to do so is hindered.  Let's face it, it's easy to jump on a bicycle and ride, doesn't take the kind of commitment, scheduling and finances as going to the gym, or investing in home based equipment.  You just get out, enjoy the fresh air, slower pace, sights and maybe even a small cafe' or pub along the way.  Heck, they're getting exercise and don't even realize it!  Maintaining the "Temple" and having fun at it!  So here's my recommendation, I hope you take under advisement, maybe run it past your people.  Why not run the water at night instead of during the day?  I mean, most humans are active during the day, primarily.  Not to mention, especially around here, it's better for the plants and such as the water evaporates slower without the sun drying things up, so they will grow more lush, thereby helping the ecosystem MORE! 
In closing, I definitely would not presume to question your wisdom, ways or plans, just giving some, what I hope, is helpful feedback.

Yours truly and Amen,

Steven Atherton


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