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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


...well, at least I have a lot of projects to work on!
Yesterday was an odd bird.  The majority of the day was quite quiet, leaving me with unfettered motivation to just build.  Not a bad thing, in the sense that it allows me to get a rhythm going and bang 'em out, but the dark side of that force?  Doesn't help satiate the creditors!  At least the later half of the day was "ahhhh KICKIN'!!"  Last two hours was a mad rush of folks shuffling in!  One lucky gent (who had returned for the FOURTH time in his search for the perfect ride!!) snagged the sweeeet Raleigh BIG BOY!  Yep, that gem didn't last more'n a couple of hours.  Did NOT think it would!  Red and Black...anything, moves quicker then ah fart in the dark!  Had many a looky loo as well, but as desires often shift, the big thing everyone is looking for now (again) is hybrids.  Of course, we are usually in short supply of those, but this too will change, always does.  Nah, yesterday I pumped out four with a fifth one (a real cute girls 20" Raleigh cruiser, full fenders and all) in the rack cleaned and ready for reassembly!  Three of the four done were, of course, all MTB's.  Yes I know, silly for the most common bike in Florida to be a mountain bike, but...there ya go!
Also, was a busy, busy afternoon for repairs.  I take it, always, as a personal challenge to be able to do "pit stop" style repairs, or "while you wait".  Surprising how use to waiting for a few days, folks can get.  Nah, "in and out" that's OUR motto!
...wait...that doesn't sound right!
Thanks to all the folks for their continued trust and to all those trying us out for the first time.  I will never grow tired of the look of shock that comes over folks faces when they find out just how cheap it will be and how quick they'll get it back!  Hey, we are definitely not getting rich financially, but I'm all about a much deeper reward!
Today after already banging out a couple "while you waits" (A drive train replacement, and a rear wheel rebuild!  Try getting THEM done anywhere else in under fifteen minuets!  Ok, yes...I'm really full of ourselves today!) I am going to, FIRST, do that which I almost perpetually FORGET to do, and that's update the "What's Still Here" column in the blog!  UGH, that thing is at LEAST four day's out of date!  Then, pop in some MST3K (yes...I took a brake from Mike, Joel and the 'bot's for a few days, and re-watched all the X-Files episodes we have) and go to town on that cute little Raleigh. THEN, I picked up a couple cruisers, ladies, the other day and I'm thinking they might just have the parts I need to bring that ladies JC Higgins back to life!  Yes, I originally had intended on cannibalizing it to build up the '67 Typhoon in the back, but as I spent a lot of time over the last couple weeks on special projects, I'm going to focus on "Bread and Butter" instead.  Besides, as soon as I an locate an appropriate tandem, I will be building up another "truck" for special order, and that one will take a little more time then the first, as I'm going to be throwing in a lot more detail on that beauty.  Art deco front end, opening lid, liner, and  little more metal work (ugh) for the supports.  She will be getting a LOT of use, and not by us, so I want to make sure she will hold up.  Although, if ours is any indication, with as much as we have been using her, seems to be a pretty sturdy design!  YAY for dumb luck! 
All is relatively quiet on the home front.  We have a house guest for Spring Break, and being of the older boys ages, the three stooges have been keeping later hours hanging outside.  Angi has been VERY accommodating, as the boy shows her a great deal of respect, very rare in todays youth, so I have curbed my normal penchant for rigid normalcy. 
Elijah seems to be enjoying his new career (with the fortunate fact of not calling HERE to do telemarketing, knowing full well he'll just get hung up on.  Sorry, may seem rude, but you want to do business with me, best to do it face to face.  If I cannot shake your hand when the deal is done, there's NO deal!) and is putting himself in it full force.  Even talking about investing in suits!
WHOA!  Never thought one of MY kids would have a "suit" job!  I've worn three suits in my life.  Prom, first "date" with Angela, and my wedding.  No point in pushing for more!
OK, I've rambled enough, I'd best get a move on!
Hope to chat with ya soon!

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ONLY $65.00!!
image 1
ONLY $65.00!!
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ONLY $85.00!!
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