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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"Hunh, I Think He Listened...."

So, Okay....
Yesterday was way more reasonable! Even with slightly grayish skies (that thankfully burned off late morning) we had some good activity around here.  Thanks to Angela, I actually made it in on time (relatively speaking as Suzanne has to do her mandatory/minimum  five "stop and sniff" breaks until finding the perfect place to defecate) to work yesterday!  I really dislike daylight savings time, ESPECIALLY when we LOOSE an hour!  Were it not for her diligence, I probably would not have woken up in time, as it was still bloody dark out.  I would have thought something went haywire with my alarm clock, shut it off and gone back to sleep! 
Behind every man is a good woman going "WHAT THE F@#$!"
Yes, we kept quite busy, starting the day off at a rushed pace, as I had picked up four newbies the day before and needed to bang them out, post haste.  Thanks to Uncle Chippie who brought in a freebie he had gotten, but as it was not the kind of ride he likes to tinker with, and because he loves us so much, he donated it.  A simple, but relatively clean Schwinn Ranger MTB, it went to a new home first thing yesterday, them having put a claim on it even before the rebuild.  We also repaired another of the gents rides, so thank you very much sir for the trust and patronage!! Had four other repairs come in and most went back out again relatively quickly, the other ones still here waiting for their friends to come pick them up.  Oh, we had sideways skirting room only, for a little while there.  The six we sold on Sunday were all left here to be picked up this week.  That's not a problem. mind you, actually it's really kind of flattering.  Four of them were picked out by folks who just happened to be riding by or driving by, saw that we were open and decided to pop in and check us out.  Apparently, they were so impressed with the prices, and/or warranty, or the service we give each ride, that they decided to go ahead and buy one or two.  WOW!  Who would have thought bicycles could be an "impulse" item!  Heh, heh!  Just goes to show you how cheap they are! 
Aside from finishing up that Schwinn, we put out two other newbies as well, with a fourth one in the rack, almost done.  First, we got a REAL sweet Trek Navigator Hybrid, with a 20" frame!  SAH-WEET, another BIG BOY!!!  This one hardly needed a wrench or screw, it was in such great shape!  Also picked up a gorgeous Trek 820 MTB, lightweight frame, trimmed out with a recently upgraded "comfy" seat, and we went ahead and threw on a NEW pair of road tires (not many mountains in Florida). This one has some scuffs in the paint, but mechanically was well maintained (I know, because we have been servicing it for the last five years!!).  The one in the rack, a nice looking, simple, Dual shock MTB, is really VERY clean, and is getting an upgrade of alloy wheels (the steel ones just made it way to heavy) and a new set of tires as well! 
Also, one of our regulars brought in several "outgrews" a couple tricycles, and two scooters.  Not what we usually carry, but hey, they were free!  However, the Schwinn Tricycle is already earmarked for Miranda.  I brought her one home a few weeks back, but Izabella commandeered it right off the bat (see pic to the right)  and her and that thing are inseparable!  She rides it around the house from the first thing in the morning until she goes to bed at night.  It took some stern convincing to get her to except the fact that it could NOT go to bed with her!  So now, I envision games of chicken and smash-up derby in the living room! 
Sorry Momma!!
(good thing we have a lot of spare paint left!)
Gotta get at it, as I have to finish up that one remaining bike and put the last of the newbies in the rack, this one is a FANTASTIC, lightweight, alloy Raleigh Mountain bike, that is going to get the whole "Urban Commuter" treatment!  She is in rough shape now, but I cannot WAIT to see the finished product!
Then....I go BACK to the last little bit of sorting...

image 1
ONLY $180.00!!
image 1
ONLY $230.00!!

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