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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Rain, Sunflowers, and Battlefields

We all need a mutual prayer that we DON'T get rained out again today!!
Yesterday was MAJOR E-YUCH!! 
Oh, that's not to say we didn't have a little action, and plenty of looky loo's, but who wants to load a bike in their trunk when the skies are torrential rain?  Of the two we sent to new homes, one was during a BRIEF lull in the rain, and the other one is still sitting here, waiting to be picked up in dry skies.  This morning was quite mild when I first went out for my morning as I look out, it is one of those "could go either way" kind of skies. 
We kept quite busy, though.  Elijah, as part of his "responsibilities" is now serving time under DADDIES rule!  Angi has been doing a lot better, physically, and declared she could handle the day's with the wee girls (although Rozy and Owen, "The Dastardly Duo" were sent up to the shop with dad for the day yesterday) so while his week days are to be spent pounding the pavement looking for work, he will spend the weekend working at the shop. 
(envision me breaking out in a maniacal grin, evil laugh, while vigorously rubbing my hands together in a menacing way!) Among his chores yesterday, was the stripping down of a dozen more wheels.  As he stated half way through "you hate me, don't you?"  I had to respond, OH NO, of course not....but....I didn't show him the QUICK way of doing it with the drill (yes...maniacal laugh again).  The boy is going to learn what work REALLY means!
Managed to put out two more newbies yesterday, although the ladies 24" I finished was one of the ones to go away real quick, the other is a really sweet Vintage Columbia ten speed.  Oh, it has a few paint issues, but otherwise is in GREAT mechanical shape!  They just don't make them that sturdy any more?  *Sad Face*.  Also, had Elijah strip down a couple more, and one is an older men's Huffy cruiser.  OK, for the record, this one is not the prettiest cruiser there has ever been.  The paint is pretty rough, but I made a promise.  We got this ride about a month back.  The gentleman who brought it in, donated it, but with a caveat, that we NOT strip it down for parts.  It had been his fathers, who passed away, but as he lived in a small apartment, with no storage, he had no room for it.  Could we please rebuild it and find it a good home.  I promised, I keep that promise.
(and as it turns out, as I was writing this, a driver for PSTA who remembers our family from the 66 route, just came in and bought it, unfinished, and will be coming in later to grab it up)
Also, picked up a few more scrappers yesterday and one of them happens to be a good starting point for a NICE mtb!  An older Giant Yukon!  SWEET! 
Also, had a regular come in and donated several boxes of VHS movies!  NEATO!  We have most of the titles, but there were some stand outs in there, one of which we popped in and watched the remainder of the day, a "Get Smart" marathon!  Ah, yes!  The Old "Treasure in a box" trick!
Once home, we did the clean up bit on ourselves, then Angi and I made a big pot of homemade chili (followed later by a rather aromatic musical program) and chilled for the evening.  I spent a little bit of time, when Miranda allowed me some attention and tried to teach her how to open sunflower seeds with her mouth.  It was hilarious!  She would put it in her mouth to soften it, but then insisted I put it in MY mouth to bite open!  She got a kick out of it, so I have no qualms about swapping germs with her.  Later, after the girls went down, Elijah, Logan and I played a couple hands of Magic while Angi took a long, relaxing shower.  Now, Elijah has only recently gotten into Magic, and for all his bravado to the contrary, has not quite gotten down the art of deck building.  Logan, on the other hand, has become QUITE proficient at it, masterfully grasping the concept of "combo's", and using them to devastating effect.  At one point, Elijah had put out a very powerful creature on the battlefield, and pumped it up in power, even.  He wore a VERY satisfied grin, as if to say HA HA!, looking very smug.  Logan's turn was next and in an effortlessly skillful way, put out a three card combo, destroyed the creature and gained mana for himself to pull out an equally devastating creature.  Oh it was PRICELESS (sorry if any of this lingo goes over anyone's head, but to describe it in layman's terms would take WAY more time then I have!) I couldn't help but break out in laughter as Elijah's look of self satisfaction turned to utter dismay, and Logan, trying hard not to laugh himself, put on a contrite downward glance, stammering out "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry"! It all worked well for me though, as they were picking each other apart I just amassed creatures then swooped in and killed them both!  Oh yes, Good times. Good times.
Once they were all in bed, and snuggled up, Angi and I were able to enjoy some MUCH needed alone time, then drift off to a much needed sleep!
OK, so now, another day, the sun is fighting VALIANTLY to force away the gray clouds, and we hope for the best!
Now, I am getting back at it!
See y'all soon!

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ONLY $95.00!!


  1. WAIT... What this about using a drill???

  2. A drill with flat head bit. You loosen the spokes with a spoke wrench then go through it "zip, zip, zip" with the drill. MUCH faster way to break down a wheel. Just have to be carefull to not strip out the bit or the spoke nipples. Although, we use most of the used spoke nipples as cable ends, so if they are slightly chewed up, it won't matter.

    1. Okay, I thought you were using it on the hubs somehow. LOL But my mind is still blown by reusing the nipples as cable ends. To keep them from fraying and unraveling? Arent they a little hard to crimp?

  3. I use a pair of "Lineman's" pliars, the cable snip part. We do a double pinch on the lower half of the nipple (GOD! This sounds dirty!) With a little practice, you can crimp without cutting it off. And considering how much they charge for cable ends we save a lot of pennies!