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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mana From Heaven! Well...from garages...and back yards...and sheds...

As if in response to our prayers we were inundated  with newbies yesterday!  YAY!  And the best part is, aside from one really SAH-WEET old school Trek road bike, ALL the other thirteen rides are perfect for DAILY BANGER SPECIALS!!!! 
Oh I am SOOOO doing the "Happy Pants Dance"!!  We didn't get the bulk in until later in the day  BUT I still managed to bang out two, and stripped a real sharp looking ladies cruiser down, and got her cleaned up before close.  Have to bang out a quickie repair this morning and then it's on to new builds! 
The Trek was a partial trade towards the Schwinn Voyager Flip Hub Fixie we have had for FAR to long!  Many folks drooling over it (both Elijah and Kaleb were battling out who would get enough money to buy it first) but as with any bike, they'll find their rider!  The Trek had been a barn ornament for the last decade or so, and as such, needs some work, BUT the frame and paint are in fabulous condition! The gentleman who traded it, inherited it, but wanted something with straight bars.  He is, in his words, in his advanced years, but his line I loved was "you're never to old to brake bones!" 
Having fun NEVER get's old!
Speaking of having fun!  Took the Truck home last night.  Wanted to give it somewhat of a good road test.  Good thing too, as I came to find out the rear cog has a VERY annoying "clunking" in it!  ARRGHH!!  Gotta' yank that some point!  Also the height and pitch of the seat was all wrong, as my knees were in my nose.  Luckily, Kaleb has his tools at the house!  But, we took her out for a cruise around the neighborhood, and with my blue tooth speaker blaring out some Delta Blues we tried to turn some heads! 
Well, I'm pretty much on my own again, as Elijah, who has been serving "get off the freaking couch and do some work" penance has FINALLY started a new job yesterday!  Telemarketing.  Yes, those  people I hang up on, rudely!  I mean, seriously I'll be elbow deep in grease, the phone will ring, I think it's a customer and drop what I'm doing, rush for the phone only to be met by some computer or script reading voice trying to sell me credit card processing, or Google advertising, or home security!  UGH!  I just have NO tolerance for that! 
ANYWHO, he's geared up about it and really likes the folks he's working with, and he has to dress appropriately with shirt and tie, so I'm not complaining! 
SO, check out the newbies below, and I'm gettin' back at it!
See ya!
image 1
ONY $85.00!!
image 1
ONLY $90.00!!

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