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Friday, March 13, 2015

HA!! You MISSED, Mr. Fate! NA, NA, NA, NA, BOO BOO!!!

Oh yea.  What happened yesterday, really should have been a today thing! Would have fit PERFECTLY with Friday the Thirteenth!
So, if for no other reason, having children brings a certain level of...excitement to your life.  Dealing with the variety of "isms" that run around our house can be at best, challenging, at worst...down right panic attack inflicting!  Yesterday was a prime example.  Before I relate this story, I will state, that one of the few simple mandates we try to teach our children is "if you don't do anything wrong, you won't have to get in trouble".  Simple enough, right?  I mean common sense stuff.  Surprising HOW many people just DO NOT get that, huh?
Our kids are NO exception.
Owen and Rozy have certain afterschool academic groups and functions each week, two days a week as a matter of fact, so it is on those days that they come to the shop for the last couple of hours of the day to hang out.  Yesterday was one of the days.  Owen, getting out of his group 15 minuets before Rozy, waits for her and they come to the shop together.  Both are still to young, in my eye's, and cannot be out and about alone.  And forgive my sexism, but especially Rozy, as she is a girl. So on Thursdays, they arrive here around five minuets to four (well, they DID...not anymore!) Yesterday, they strolled in, as if nothing was wrong, and briefly told me of their day, then asked to get a drink.  As they came back into the shop, a lady came in behind them, and at first thinking she was a customer, I turned to greet her, but before I could, she approached Owen, to inquire about her son's bike?  I was perplexed and asked if there was anything wrong.  She proceeded to inform me, that Owen and Rozy were at their house playing with her son, and about ten minuets after they left, they discovered that her son's bike was missing, and she was here to inquire if Owen had taken it, or did they see anyone suspicious while they were there?
OK, all NEW levels of ire were rising up within me at this point, the greatest of which was "what in the HELL were they doing NOT in school?!"  But I put that one on the back burner, and dealt with the situation at hand.  Quickly deducing, that given the time lapse between when they left her house to get here, and the distance between the two places, and Owen not being skilled enough to try and wrestle his bike and another, not to mention, he didn't have it with him when he got here, although this does not preclude the possibility he hid it or ditched it as a gag...yea, he can be that idiotic, but the likelihood was slim, not to mention he KNOWS such an action would sign his execution order with Dad.  She left, shortly thereafter, but I was quite sure, I had not heard the last of this.
I was right.
about an hour later a very LARGE, yet friendly police officer came to inquire about the goings on.  Of course, at this point, after having been SEVERLEY chewed out by Dad for not being where they were supposed to be, they were summarily grounded, and escorted home, to be further chewed out by their mother.  Of course, the officer needed to speak to them, so, regrettably he went to the house to pay them a visit!
Needless to say Angela was NOT amused! 
The officer was smart enough to do the math, and realized the likelihood of them having anything to do with it was slim at best, but inquired more as to whether or not they saw anything or anyone lingering about.  Trouble is, with it being so soon after school, there were a lot of kids wandering about on their way home, so it was little help. 
In the end, I can only hope that this EXTREME example of being in "the wrong place at the wrong time" may put the fear of God into them.  No, I'm NOT holding my breath (sadly, it took a LONG time for the older kids to figure this out!) so Angi and I, having learned WAY to much about what to prepare for, at least know that these two will need a tighter choke collar! 
Perhaps one of those that give the mild shock if they go outside the perimeter!
(you know that's a joke, right?)
Got in and sent out a men's 26" cruiser yesterday to a good home.  It was one of the returns on the vacation rental, and didn't stick around for more then an hour, so I never bothered to even post it.  Also, put out the real sweet Trek Navigator 300 we got in on trade!  This one is so smooth and SOOOO flawless!  It has a cute back story, too.  A gentleman's wife bought it for him as a gift, and he tried very diligently to ride it.  See, it's a 16.5" frame and he's about 6'6" weighing in around 260 pounds.  It's a lot like those also circus attractions with the Grizzly bear riding a tricycle?  Yea.  He really needed a bigger bike, but didn't have the heart to NOT try the gift.  We hooked him up with the larger Trek (which we got in trade for the Cannondale) and he was much happier.
Also, just about finished with a full re-furb on a really sharp looking Trek FX commuter/triathlon. She was ROUGH when she came in, but with a full tear down, SERIOUS clean, new tires and a full work over, she is going to be another gem!
And where are the cheapie cheap Daily Bangers? 
Not so sure!  I was doing my nightly ritual of, prior to shutting out the lights, taking one last lingering look about the shop (I'm a hopeless romantic that way) when I realized, "Jeeze, all we have right now are over $100's!  Excepting the kid's bikes, NO bargain bikes!  AHHHHH!!!
We really need some more new blood in here, of the cheaper vein!
Here's hoping!
All right, Now I'm gonna jump back on it. Elijah is sorting parts (yep!  STILL haven't finished that project) and I'm gonna get that Trek finished, then find something more to tinker with!
Hope you all ignore superstition and brave the day!

image 1
ONLY $190.00!!

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