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Monday, March 16, 2015

Nice To Start The Week At Peace!

My what a beautiful day!!  Oh, this is the kind of weather that proves, if it does not inspire you to get up, get out and do something outdoorsy, you are, indeed, dead.  Rarely do I find myself somewhat melancholy about being at work, but today is that kind of sentiment.  Wish I had the time, or hutzpah, to play hooky and just get on my bike, aim it in no particular direction and...go.  BUT, I'm committed (or should be!) to the tasks at hand!  The Schwinn Speedster is all but done, waiting on the tires.  Even went as far to do a little more detailing on the fenders,  for a classic look (but practically, to cover up some flaws in the chrome, Heh, heh!) Then, for the remainder of the day, sorted through the last remaining buckets of misc screws.  Yes, I know, "STILL!?".  What struck me as rather profound a couple days ago, as we sorted out neck assemblies, was the shear volume we have.  Then, I became cognoscente of the fact that when we had relocated from the old shop, we scrapped close to 7000 pounds of metal (6748 pounds to be exact) and that most of the stuff we have here now, we have accumulated over just the last two years.  Those neck assemblies represent a LOT of bikes in under three years!  WOW!!  And if you figure, on average, for every one bike we part out five are rebuilt and sold! Now THAT'S a lot of bikes!!!  Doing a rough calculation in my head, I determined that, on average, we put over 1200 bikes a year back on the road!  WOWZERS!!  Just imagine how much raw material we could save, how much fewer pollutants we would pump into our atmosphere, and (doing the math) just in what we produce, that's roughly $166,800.00 LESS that we send to China and keep here in the states!  Now, imagine if MORE folks did this! 
Yea, this is where my mind wanders as I sit sorting screws.  Trust me, if I actually thought about what I WAS doing, I would be huddled in the corner, knees to my chest, rocking back and forth, drooling!
TODAY, I'm going to bang out the last remaining kiddo bikes, then (and YES I have changed directions...AGAIN) I'm going to rough out the truck!  I have cleared enough room inside (for the time being) and before I have an excuse to fill it up again, I'm bringing her in! 
Yesterday was an awesome family Sunday!  Got off work, relatively on time for once, and hung out with the kiddo's.  As soon as I hit the door, Izzy asked me to give her a tattoo?  Seems they got some of those press on ones, and she really wanted  snake on her calf, same place as Mom's.  I grabbed a shower and did just that.  Of course, Miranda wanted one too, and given her hot stuff personality, I thought I'd give Mom a shock and give her a "Tramp Stamp"!  HILLARIOUS!!!  Angela made her famous Santa Fe Chicken for an early dinner (she kept to a tight schedule) then, with the kids cleaned, dressed and ready for bed, we undertook a rare sojourn and went for a walk!  This may sound quite mundane to some folks but for us, the ability to leave the house without irreparable psychological damage to the wee ones for Momma daring to leave the residence, is quite unusual!  We sauntered down to the plaza, had an ice cream, then meandered about, picked up a couple little things, then took a leisurely stroll home.  We were both struck with the odd sensation of being able to carry on a conversation without the constant interruption of children's incessant demands, and it was quite therapeutic for digestion as well!  Returning home, we hung out, playing games until bed time!
Man, we NEED more of that!
oKEY dOKEY, Now it's back to work!
I'm sure we will be seeing you soon!

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