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Monday, March 30, 2015

Do The TWIST!!

One of the most important lessons in life we try to instill in our kids is "PAY ATTENTION" in a conversation, as when you fail to do so, important information slips through your fingers.  I, in part, blame the fact that the majority of the younger generation are almost perpetually wearing at least ONE ear bud in their head, with the incessant drone of gruesome music (if you can CALL it music!) impeding their ability to grasp the context, if not entire truth of the words being spoken to them!  Let it be known, I have broken a few sets of headphones yanking them out of ears, when I felt my words were not sinking in to their vacuous heads.
However, that aside, perhaps it is just the "mind numb" of youth which propagates such misunderstandings as we had last night.
Once the wee ones were in bed, and Elijah and I had returned from doing laundry (we recently did our bi-monthly purge of the kids rooms, resulting in massive loads of dirty laundry, and just decided to do it all at once AND test out the weight capacity of the "truck" by hitting the local laundry mat) we all sat out side to enjoy the crisp air.  As the conversation weaved in and about, Kaleb spoke up with some news that caught me completely off guard.  A friend of the family has had to endure a long battle with cancer.  Not the most pervasive kind, but the mere mention of the C word, tends to make one fear the worse.  A few months back he and I had been talking and he informed me that he was going through radiation therapy and had been doing much better.  His appetite was coming back, he felt a lot more chipper and the prognosis was good for a full recovery.  Well, Kaleb informed me last night that when he had visited with him the day before he found out that our friend had only six weeks left!
I was FLOORED!  I'm not to proud to say, I almost starting crying.  BUT, a little voice in the back of my head reminded me that Kaleb has a tendency NOT to pay that much attention when he is being spoken too, and that he will fabricate or speculate the missing links after the conversation is ended.  SO, I withheld all emotion, until I could contact our friend this morning.
SURE ENOUGH, what Kaleb HAD been told was that our friend was doing better as he had just completed six weeks of therapy! 
So, the morale of the story is, the next time you have to talk to a teenager, put it on a Jpeg, and text it to them.  The art of conversation is DEAD!
Alright, so yesterday, again being the third day of spring break opening weekend was...dead.  Apparently, most souls have left the building to destinations unknown.  Spent the day building, which is okay, as the projects are on a constant flow now, with more and more newbies coming in.  Put out a SWEET looking 6 speed Schwinn cruiser.  I LOVE the flared fenders!  Gives it that classic 40's look to it!  Check out the pic below.  Also, put together a 20" BMX as a special build for a grandmother and grandson.  They'd picked him up a 16" on Saturday, but he was WAY to big for it, and needed something larger, and needed it NOW.  Once those were done and done, put a sharp looking 26" dual shock DBS in the rack, and it's all but 5% done.  Have to switch out a bum shifter this AM and she'll be good to go.  Which is nice, as we picked up a SWEET old school BIG BOY Raleigh "Boss Cruiser" last night, in trade for a road bike at the house (one of Kalebs' that he gave up on) and he has donated the trade to the shop.  Seriously, this one is really sharp looking!  Lugged frame in red and black!  NICE!!!
One of the projects we will be doing tonight when I get home is replacing all the light bulbs.  Here's the skinny.  A few months back we switched over to those twisty bulbs, and after a little time, we noticed a slight change in some of the family, such as unexplained headaches, drowsiness, irritability (I mean, unexplained irritability) Angi received a report this morning that they have discovered that those bulbs emit high levels of radiation. Effected test subjects had resulting symptoms identical to our own.  Now, I'm not one prone to irrational reaction, but I figure, best safe then sorry. 
Now, I best get my keister back at it!
See y'all soon!!

image 1
ONLY $115.00!!

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