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Saturday, March 28, 2015

One of THOSE mornings!!!

OK...that was cool!
SO, definitely kept busy yesterday!  Seems the Snowbirds are beginning to fly North for the spring, and some of the Vacation Plan bikes are coming back in.  Had four returned yesterday, and of course, I did not have the foresight to leave cash at the shop, but in all but one case they had paid with credit cards so they're just a matter of a refund to the card.  Was funny though, the first two to come in, quickly got a once over, and other then a couple minor tweaks, had been maintained in real good care.  I set them back out on the line and was going to the computer to repost them on Craigslist, and a couple just recently relocating to Florida, came in and snatched them up.  One of the ladies was QUITE smitten with the 6 speed cruiser, and went about bedecking it with a rack and bag and such!  I love it when folks get immediately infatuated with their new rides!  We also took in a GORGEOUS 20" 6 speed, folding bike on consignment!  This thing was barely used, if at all!!  Still has some of the original packing plastic on it! Husband bought three for himself his wife and his daughter, but the wife wouldn't ride it.  It kicked around the garage for several months, then he felt compelled to get rid of it! 
As stated yesterday, I went right to work on the rides I had torn down from the day of the blackout, and put out another two, with a third cleaned and ready to be assembled this morning.  Yes, I'm having a blast doing the bevy of DAILY BANGER SPECIALS!!  These are the hot items, as always!  Finally sent the Specialized Hard Rock to a new home, that one held on for FAR to long!  ALMOST three weeks!  WOOF!  That's like a gajillion years in bike years! 
As always, thanks to ALL the folks for not only bringing in NEW repairs but picking up the ones already done!  Although, I DO have one hold out, which was brought in for a simple tube change...three weeks ago, and was supposed to have been picked up in fifteen minutes after he dropped it off!  I hope he's reading and remembers his MTB!
I have gotten in an interesting challenge on a conversion for a one armed man (Richard Kimble, you listening?) as when he rides, he need's more control over the bike on steep hills as he goes out to the beach a lot.  I got it licked with an OLD SCHOOL Mongoose BMX dual brake lever, and a BMX bar with a cross support.  Should be fun!
Today should be interesting, though.  In any large family, you get attitudes.  On any given day, one or more individual has some hair across his or her backside, and you deal with it.  Then, there are days like THIS morning where everyone woke up on the wrong side of the bed!  OY!  This is a recipe for DISASTER!!  Needless to say, for Mom's sanity, I did my best to try and keep the nit picking to a minimum amongst the masses, but to NO avail!  They were all out for blood!  Owen started his antagonizing from the get go, and Elijah and Kaleb were in NO mood!  Then Owen started with Rozy, who in turn went into the boys room and started in with Kaleb (for what, I'm not sure)!  Even Miranda and Izabella were going at each other (we are intensely trying to rid Miranda of her penchant for hitting!  And Izzy, who is the primary target, because Mommy pays attention to her too, is a VERY easy going little girl, but has had about enough!) Once Elijah brought out the guttural demon voice, it was time for INTERVENTION!  Taking all four boys with me, whilst at the same time giving both Kaleb and Elijah errands to run and putting Owen in solitary in the back room (more to keep him from getting killed then anything else).  Owen, can at times, be something of a gnat, buzzing in your ear, but no amount of flailing and shooing can make him stop!  Hey, I love my kids, but I KNOW their shortcomings! 
ANYWHO, all is quiet at the house now, and tempers seem to be waning, so that's a good thing.
OKAY, now I am going at it, and get some more rides pounded out! Check out the newbies below! 

image 1
ONLY $90.00
image 1
ONLY $80.00!!
image 1
ONLY $70.00!!!
image 1
ONLY $140.00!!
image 1
ONLY $90.00!!!

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