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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Rasdy? SET.....go back...

OK, It's been a couple days of fits and starts, so....sorry.
Thursday, was ready to go at it like gang busters!  I had spoke to our man about town, Terry, and he confirmed he had much scrap lumber he could part with and yes, in fact, he did have a table saw I could borrow.  With that set to go (and to be delivered in the afternoon) I set about to bang out all little repairs and a couple quick rebuilds, so as to free up my afternoon to get back on the truck.  A little after noon time however, Angi called me.  Miranda has been having "evacuation" problems for the last three days, and hasn't been able to keep solids down.  No sign of dehydration, thank God, and no other symptoms to speak of.  But, after Angi had been embroiled in an hour of such, resulting in nothing but dry heaves, she needed me to take the wee one to the ER, just to make sure it was nothing serious.  The reason for concern, was a few days before, Miranda had slipped on the stairs of the bunk bed's and bonked her head.  She never lost consciousness, and no signs of concussion, but years ago, some neighbors of ours had a little boy who got a knock on the noggin running across the room, then developed fluid on the brain several days AFTER the incident, so head bumps have become a constant concern for both of us.  Needless to say, the remainder of my day was spent at the hospital doing X-rays and cat scans, a barrage of test, only to come to the conclusion...there was absolutely NOTHING wrong with her.  I was shocked at how well she took it all though.  No complaints, no fussing, no crying, even when they strapped her in for the cat scan!  I mean, she's a tough little girl, but I can remember other children's hospital visits (Owen, especially, who took three large orderlies to hold him down while they took blood, when he was two, because he ripped his way out of the baby straight jacket) and they never were so easy.  The good part of it all was, it gave Daddy and Miranda the RARE opportunity to be alone.  Whereas she is usually VERY much the Mamma's little girl (Angi cannot go to the bathroom without her accompaniment) the fact I was there for her seems to have put me in a new light, and she choose to sit and play with me, even so far as to want to remain near me when we got home!  Surprise, surprise!
Needless to say, though, not arriving home until ten minuets to close, there was no point in coming back in.  Of course, it was one of the busier days we have had this week. Otherwise it has been somewhat quiet.  I realize part of the reason, being, that we have not had a lot of newbies coming in over the last several days.  As if to prove that point....
We hit the door running yesterday.  Quickly making short work of the three repairs that had come in the night before, then went on to the three newbies I had picked up the morning before I left for the hospital. With Elijah doing tear downs and clean, and I, reassembly, we banged them out quickly (with an eye on getting back on the truck ASAP).  They were, a cheapie cheap 24" dual shock MTB, a 26" ladies cruiser (quite colorful in pastel yellow and baby blue) and a GORGEOUS Iron Horse MTB, complete with front and rear disc brakes, integrated shifter, even having to do some SERIOUS cleaning on her, but oh so WELL worth it!  Well, to prove that having stock is EVERYTHING, the dual shock and the ladies cruiser both went to new homes within minuets of hitting the floor, leaving the Iron Horse  the only hang on.  BUT, as I went right back to the truck the moment I finished the final one, I didn't even take time to post anything.  Didn't do that until this morning, so I figure that one won't last too long today.  She is priced to move, and a real head turner! 
SO, with all that, I only had a couple hours to get on the truck, and the better part of that was just getting the wood prepped.  Had to rip some old 2 X 4's down to 3/4" slats for the side rails.  Had wanted to do something a little less traditional with them but it didn't work out the way I envisioned.  Not a problem though, the classic look works just as well. 
Finished one panel before close, and am going to hit it right after I take care of a repair that just came in, and one more rebuild.  Got in a classic old Specialized, very rough, but should make for a good Banger! 
It's the perfect day to get outside folks!  Hope to see ya soon!

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ONLY $160.00!!!

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