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Saturday, March 14, 2015


So, Ok, Yea.
Sorta, kinda got what we asked for yesterday.  We were looking for some more, lower priced rides to re-furb and put out, and just after jotting that wish down in the blog, we acquired a decent ladies 26" Schwinn cruiser (that needed her rear end repacked) but, no sooner did we put her out, did a gent come in and snag it up for his wife. The funny part about that one, was  three hours later, he came back into the store.  At first I worried maybe something went wrong with it, but as it turns out, when he brought it home for her, their son voiced a desire for a ride of his own, so Dad was coming back in to find something, and ended up taking the Pro BMX home!  Glad we could help!
We also picked up two vintage Schwinn's, a his and hers...kinda.  They don't match, hers is a 1980 Colligate Three, and his is a 1974 Schwinn Speedster Three.  Both were in ROUGH condition, however, the Colligates paint was in much better condition, so with a full tear down, and a lot of elbow grease (and a new set of tires and replacement seat...and cables...and brake shoes...well, you get the point) and she is a CHARMER!  Then I turned my attentions to the Speedster.  Now here's an odd bird.  I'll admit, when it comes to knowing all manufacturers, makes, models and years I am not that informed.  I fully admit, I am a backyard bike mechanic, who, through sheer dumb luck, ended up running a bike shops.  No, I leave historical information to web searches or Uncle Chippies brain pan.  The weird thing is, we had a 1975 Speedster Three in, not to long ago, that was the traditional cantilever frame style, this one however, is a road bike frame with upright handle bars, a chain guard and three speed rear. Anywho!  It's first problem (aside from being REALLY ROUGH) is that it is canary yellow.  Ugh. And not a prisitine canary yellow, but a heavily chipped and rusted canary yellow.  I figured, to keep her cheap, I'd do a full tear down, then just a mechanical refurb and leave the body alone.  Well, I got her down to frame, started cleaning her, then went to a scrubby pad to see if I could knock some crud loose, but before I knew it, I broke down and took out the sandpaper.  It's a big boy frame, and a three speed to boot.  If I left her with all those chips and dings, it wouldn't matter how sweet she ran, she would still look like a turd.  OH well.  Guess I STILL need some more fodder for the DBS stock! 
"Please, sir, could I have some more?"
Thankfully, all the repairs were picked up, and the bikes we have been holding for folks were "gotten gone" as well!  We know have LOT'S of space available for whatever y'all would like to have worked on or rebuilt!  YAY!!
Last night was family move night, and it's incredible how some movies never loose their appeal or impact over the ages!  With a scarcity of new releases, Angi was hunting through Amazon Prime for a good family movie, and while the older kids wanted to watch the latest installment of the "The Hunger Games" thankfully she didn't give in (sorry, I just don't like the films!  Killing children?  Where in the HELL is their any entertainment value in THAT!?!) No, instead, she picked out the 50th anniversary addition of Mary Poppins!  Oh sure, some may scoff at the choice (and Logan tried REAL hard to do a MST3K riff on it, but one glare from Mom let him know "Not THIS one!") Two things struck me.  The girls loved it!  I figured they would, they danced and pranced about and were riveted to the screen. You don't need fancy special effects, and computer animation to tell a good story and entertain!  The second thing was, just like when I was a kid, by the time Julie Andrews sings the second Lullaby...I am OUT like a light!! Angela didn't realize it until I started to snore, then she gave me a gentle jiggle to wake up.  Good thing, or I would have missed the "Step in Time" number, my favorite. And I also got  real jolt, as it has been SOME time since I watched the film, when I realized the actress to portray Mrs. Banks (the perky yet docile housewife/suffragette) ALSO portrayed the witch of a mother in one of my all time favorite films "The Ref" with Dennis Leary!
Yes, the classics are still the best.
OH, and if you are a fan of Mary Poppins, do check out the film "Saving Mr. Banks", a 2013 classic with Tom Hanks as Walt Disney, about how the film "Mary Poppins" almost didn't get made!  That one is a REAL tear jerker!  ESPECIALLY if you are a father!  Check it out!
Now, I'm gonna get back on that Schwinn, all the while keeping my fingers crossed that something NEW comes in! 
Oh, and DO check out the pics below!  I also managed to finish up the Trek 7.3, and she's a peach!

image 1
ONLY $135.00!!!
image 1
2012 TREK 7.3 FX!!
ONLY $240.00!!!

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