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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hit Him AGAIN!!!

We are almost through the Bone Yard!?  How did THAT happen?!  Oh yea...hard work!  Heh, heh!
That's right, only three pieces left out there! The property manager actually stopped by last night to thank us for diminishing the pile.  Seems the city (oh yea...THEM!) had filed a grievance regarding the bikes out back.  Yes, folks, Dunedin, like SO many towns in Florida, is SOOOOO anti-business it aint funny!  It's an uphill battle to just turn on the "Open" sign every day! 
What we have left?  A starting point for a really nice Rat Rod, a newer alloy frame Sun Cycle cruiser with a springer front end, a ladies 24" touring bike and a tandem,  Now, that tandem is going to be KILLIN'!!  I've been holding onto it for a while, as I have PLANS for it! Heh, heh!  I've always wanted to build a three wheel "truck".  Well, I finally got a three wheeler in, a few days back, PERFECT for the task.  The majority of it was thrashed, beyond repair, but the back end (with a full compliment of new bearing packs) is salvageable.  SO, with a custom made wooden bed (still working out the design in my head for that) and possibly a sexy paint job, we'll have another show piece for the shop.  Of course, someone interested in buying it, and packing some cash or plastic, they may have a real gem! 
Today, however, I've got two more kiddo bikes broken down that I gotta bang out plus a few more repairs that came in near close last night, I need to get through.  We do so appreciate y'all thinking of us!  And, also thanks to a couple folks for bringing a big swell of proud smiles to my face for one of the BEST compliments we can receive!  Twice yesterday we were informed by customers we had just serviced, that they "used to go to_______ (insert ANOTHER bicycle shop name here)" but from now on WE were their bike shop!  WOW!  Color me humbled!  We will try and keep it up!  Also, had a wonderful lady come in and snag up the ladies cruiser we had, and stated, that she came here due to several great references online.  SWEET! 
So yesterday, was a lot more building, having put out a compliment of kiddo bikes.  No pics though, perhaps later.  Also got a vintage ladies JC Higgins cruiser together, a full mechanical refurb with new tires, but the original paint.  That way we could sell it for a NON antique price. 
We also got in a REAL sweet Fuji road bike, on consignment, from our landlords property manager at the house.  Needs a wee bit of cleaning but is GORGEOUS!  That one will be up right quick as well.
OK, before I go, another proud papa moment.  As is becoming the ritual round the house, of late, once the youngins go to bed, Elijah, Logan and I play a few games of Magic before they turn in.  Last night, after playing one with Logan, and his killer deck, I got trounced and retreated into the bedroom to dig through my spares and try and beef up one of my decks.  While doing so, he sat at the table with his box of spares and in about twenty minuets, proceeded to build another deck for Owen, and needed to test play it.  I eagerly obliged, convinced I would beat him with my Spell deck 2.0.
At this point, Elijah joined in.
With a fresh, untested deck, Logan trounced BOTH of us, COMPLETELY!  Not only had he NOT lost any life, but he in fact GAINED it.  Dispensing with me in under eight rounds!  The kid is GOOD!
He is going to be a masterful tactician when he grows up. 
But probably still living at home!
I am off folks (yea, dude...WAY off!) will be seeing you soon!

image 1
ONLY $80.00!!

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