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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig oraibh.

Or, in the Kings English, "Happy Saint Patty's Day To You"! 
May you find the Leprechaun's gold and get away before he knows it's gone! 
Of course, in our household, being primarily Irish influenced, this is Angi's day of celebration, I'm just along for the ride! We are set to spend the evening with friends in a traditional fashion!  Hope I'm able to function tomorrow!  Heh, Heh!
Yesterday, even given the clement weather, it was rather quiet.  It did afford me the time to work my way through the last couple of hangers on we have had kicking around here, and clear out some serious space!  Also, to free me up to spend a couple days working on the truck.  We got it inside and in the rack, stripped down, and I undertook the chore of locating all the appropriate parts.  An easier task now that most of the stuff is finally in order!  Have had to make a few modification to my original design, to accommodate for a few shortcomings on the frame style of this tandem.  No worries though!  With a little muddling over, I think I got it licked.  One other change is, instead of spending cash on a lot of materials, I am going to try real hard to repurpose stuff we have kicking round here to do the majority of it.  Digging through the three wheeler boxes revealed a bevy of goodies I forgot we had.  The only disappointment so far, was the fact I am not going to be able to make it a three speed.  The original rear end I envisioned using is not going to work, given the double seat stays in the back end, obscuring access to the three speed hub.  Had to switch to a single, which of course will need to be reinforced, support wise.  No worries though, got that covered. 
Took in a few repairs, but were the "no rush" kind.  Folks won't be back to get them for a couple days and apparently, due to the fine weather we had, everyone seems to have taken their leisure time elsewhere, so the half a dozen repairs that were done and waiting...are still waiting.  No troubles, though, all the cleaning and organizing has given us room!
SOOO.  As I will be leaving an hour early today, to prepare for the evening (leaving Elijah in charge of the final hour) I had best get a move on.  Going to bang out the two that came in near close last night then get back on it!
OH YEA!  I DID finally finish up the custom Schwinn 3 speed, and in all modesty I have to say she is a PEACH!!  Check out the pics below!  We also managed to bang out four more kiddo bikes, sorry no pics on those, we just prep 'em and put 'em out!
Now, on to biz!

image 1
ONLY $155.00!!!

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