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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Well...that happened.

OK, so that's a wee bit of exciting.  The gent who inquired about having a truck built for his business in downtown Saint Pete came in yesterday, we had a run through and he was quite excited to get started!  SO it looks like I'll be building another one.  Gratefully, he understood it will be different then ours, BUT I'm looking to make the three speed idea work on this one!  That should be fun! 
See, the real danger here is, you open the flood gates, and pretty soon ALL I'll want to do is special projects!  They're a LOT of fun, but don't keep the lights on!  I learned that the hard way years back when we were doing all the custom work.  We'd put in four times the work on a custom piece but only be able to get a few percent more for the finished product. Economically damning.  Sad, really.  If all I had to do was let the muse out of control, and do nothing but create, I'd be one happy mammah jammah! 
...cause I've got a design for a "hammock bike" (yes, it is EXACTLY what you think!) and one with a frame, handle bars, wheels and seat made completely from felled tree limbs. and stumps. 
Someday...maybe as a retirement project. Heh, yea, like I'm EVER going to retire!!
SO, as a sign of the risk of creativity, time ticked by me yesterday as I stood in a semi conscious stupor, absent mindedly stroking my beard in a slightly maniacal yet thoughtful way, contemplating the new design and how to make it all work.   Shaking myself out of my self imposed dream state, I got back to work on bread and butter, and pumped out one newbie.  This one is one of three of the six speed comfort cruiser we got in the other day.  These were all "outside" kept but barely used, rides.  In other word's, clean frames, mechanically in great shape, but badly rusted.  Needless to say it took a LOT of cleaning, a little paint, and a few replacement parts.  I'll show you the finished pic, but don't get too attached.  As SOON as I put it out, a returning young lady who was convinced she had  to ride a 24" bike, due to her diminutive stature (but who I had been TRYING to convince would find such a choice VERY uncomfortable) agreed to try out the low slung 26"...and found it fit perfectly! Needless to say, the boyfriend ponied up right quick!  I did manage, though, to strip another identical one down and get her all cleaned up, reassembly to follow!  That is, after I get the repairs up and done.  Trying to get through all of this AQAP as it's, once again, getting downright difficult to walk through here!
ALLRIGHTY!! I'd best get to it!
See ya soon!!

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