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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Shut Off The Damn Taps!

OH LORD!  I think I went cross eyed!
With the unfortunate turn of the weather yesterday (yes, first thing in the morning I thought it was going to be a NICE day!!) and the resultant torrential rain put a major crimp in activities.  Sorry I talk about the weather SO much, but it really does effect one's mood ESPECIALLY when our activities around here are dependant on it being NICE outside! 
As I have the extra man power, and don't want to give him an excuse to just sit hunched over his Iphone all day, we dug in, hands and feet first, into the buckets upon buckets of spare parts we have filing the shelves around here.  Over the years, we have accumulated a LOT of goodies, and as at times we are too busy (oh...I MISS those times!) to really inspect all the parts we remove from strips, that they just get chucked in the appropriate bins.  This, of course, leads to an over abundance of "unsalvageable" components littering the otherwise pristine organization we endeavor to maintin around here!
(*chuckle*, *giggle*, *GUFFAW!!!*)
SOOOOO, we spent the majority of the day (with a few occasional breaks to service repairs) weeding, all the brake systems, quick release skewers, pegs, seat clamps etc.  By weeding out I mean, all the buckets of incomplete pieces were paired up and completed with all the loose pieces that SOMEHOW have become scattered between three separate locations within the bay (gonna start calling it "The Bay of Pigs" given how disheveled it apparently is!) I mean, I have NO idea what Elf is in charge around here but he best get his little Kiebleresque drones on the ball!!  And no, it's NOT finished!  I have the linear pull arms to work on.  Ugh.  My least favorite!  BUT, the upside is, we are REALLY filling out our parts display wall!  YEA!
It goes without saying that no newbies were built yesterday.  In part, due to the fact we have nothing to build!  Oh sure, I still have the truck to tinker with, but I'm going to have to buy some of the materials I use, but for right now, I'm making like Scrooge McDuck and holding fast to every penny!  We'll see how the next few days go!
Oh, something HILLARIOUS happened at dinner last night!  As the meal was winding down, and we were discussing what everyone wanted to watch for Family Movie night, someone asked the passing question "do we have batteries in the remote" (it becomes a REAL problem keeping them IN the remote, as the back is long since gone, and Miranda likes to take them out), the question was answered with an "I don't think so" and of course, as I can NEVER remember (with all the remotes and controllers we DO have) I asked "what size do they take?" and Logan spoke up, and answered "Double D's"!!!
I cleared my throat and without missing a beat responded "Um, Logan I think your think your thinking of something else!"  Elijah and Kaleb laughed hysterically, Logan blushed BEAT red, and Angela looked horrified and exclaimed "STEVEN!!!!" 
Oh yes, oh yes...I WENT there!
Good times...GOOD times!! 
Allrighty, I best get at it! 

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