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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Drop Me A Heavy Bass Beat, DJ!

One ritual I perform every morning, while I clean the floors and straighten out my bay,  is to take stock of what I accomplished the day before.  Sad part is, my brain is mush at this point in my life (Angi will jump up and cry out, in a revivalesque fashion, "HALLELUJAH!!" "TESTIFY!!")  and I take this time to remember where I was.  I had to scratch my head this morning and come to the conclusion that I didn't finish ANY newbies yesterday!  Oh,  kept busy, did up the repairs and such, put up some parts from a couple more tear downs, but nothing new!  The ladies cruiser I was working on, still hangs in my rack, as I didn't have a shifter cable long enough to finish it!  QUITE frustrating, considering how much effort went into this one. I HATE leaving anything unfinished at the end of my day!  This is where Logan get's his "anal-retentiveness" from!  It's already sold, and now I have to wait until Elijah can grab me some more.  SO, at the tail end of the day yesterday, I had nothing more to do then putter. 
Boo Hoo!
The happy news is, it gave me time to ponder the design of the flat bed for the "truck" bike.  I think I got it licked, and it should be QUITE stable!  The biggest issue is keeping down the weight while remaining stable.  And I want wood, because it will look really cool with a marine varnish!  Gonna make Norm Abram proud! 
We had a late night of it yesterday.  While playing in the girls room yesterday, Miranda took a spill off the bunk bed and hit the ground on her side pretty hard.  She's a tough little girl, and even though she hates to be babied when she's hurting, she let Mommy hold and coo over her for awhile, so we knew it was bad.  Nothing broken, and a minor bruise on her side, but all the excitement (and the comfort of being doted over by Mommy) made her doze off a little while after.  Angi sat next to her on the couch for a long while, why she rested, keeping a constant eye on her breathing, just in case she may have bumped her head (no sign of that though).  The end result was, Miranda did not stir until a little after I got home.  Needless to say, fully recharged, she was up for QUITE a while last night!  I just about passed out around midnight on the couch, so we put her to bed and tried to turn in.  Angi was awake most of the night, though, as she kept checking on her.  Needless to say the first words out of her mouth this morning when I went in to wake her was ""
Elijah apparently had success yesterday at an interview, and will be starting work at the Feather Sound Country Club doing grounds keeping.  Thoughts of Bill Murray mumbling "Exterminate the varmints with EXTREME prejudice!" keep flashing to mind!
The trick is, it's East of 49th street off Ulmerton and starts at six in the morning!  This means, no bus will get him there on time so he will have to ride his bike there.  I'm not holding out high hopes of him being able to wake himself and get out of the house at 4 am.  So I'm not placing any bets!
Today is an absolutely gorgeous day!  Y'all NEEEEEEEED to get out there, take a breath, and enjoy!  And NOT through a freakin' car window!!
See ya soon!

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