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Monday, March 2, 2015

And The Leader Of The Band Played On!!!

Allrighty folks, let's just shake off this weekend and pretend it never happened.  Are you ready?  OK, stand up, roll your shoulders, stretch your neck and shake out the cobwebs! 
Yea, this weekend threw me off as well.  Saturday, all gray and rainy, kept folks inside, and I can't blame them!  By about 1 pm I just wanted to crawl home, curl up and watch a really bad movie and cuddle.  BUT, I'm a diehard, and kept plugging!  Then Sunday rolled around, and it was quite lovely outside, weather wise, but still overcast, which of course garnered pretty much the same results. 
So here we are, Monday, and I am trying SOOOO hard to be an optimist!  It didn't start off with a positive note, though.  As I was headed out this morning  I took the first coast down our driveway, then swooshing around the corner went to start pedaling...and nothing happened!  That is to say, it wouldn't pedal!  My rear cog had seized up!  ARRGHH!!  Once I forced it in back pedal, I got it to finally move, and of course it was at that point that Suzanne needed to stop to pee!  At this point, anyone listening would hear me to whine, "But I JUST got it to move!!!" 
Sending Elijah ahead to open up, I limped in with the begrudging acceptance, that I am going to HAVE to overhaul my ride!  it's like they say, an auto repair man has the most beat up car, so to does the bike repair man have the most dilapidated ride!  The last thing we want to do after working on bikes all day, is work on ours!
Yesterday, we did keep QUITE busy though!  Put out two new rides, and I'll tell you folks, a LOT of work went into these two!  The first one is the fulfillment of a promise, the men's 26" cruiser I mentioned yesterday.  I thought it had been sold, as a couple had come in and picked it out after having called us several times looking for cruisers.  For whatever reason they never returned, but that's cool, because someone is going to give this old girl some love!  Then, I went on to the beat up Giant Yukon we got in the other day.  Now by beat up, I mean this poor thing sat in someone's yard for a long time, but after doing a wee bit of cleaning on the frame I came to realize the paint was pretty clean and as it is a BIG BOY frame, she NEEEDED to be rebuilt!  SO, a LOT of parts (alloy) later, and she is one fine looking and riding gem!   We really need to do some before and after pics with some of the more challenging rebuilds we get in here!  If you could have seen what she looked like when she came in as opposed to now?  WOW!  Diff of night and day! 
I kept Elijah busy with stripping down some more goodies from out back, one of them is a vintage JC Higgins ladies 24" cruiser.  She will be a full mechanical rebuild, but keeping the original paint.  She goes in my rack as soon as I overhaul my ride.  I know, priorities?!  Seriously, if I don't do mine now, I'll forget, then be screwed when it's time to ride home tonight!  After that, have to prep out parts to put away as well as MORE part sorting!  UGH! 
Last night, was a trip, as we just basically chilled, but at dinner time I was one PROUD papa!  For some unknown reason, Owen, Rozy and Logan broke out into an impromptu trio rendition of the theme song to "Mystery Science Theatre 3000"!!  I was BRIMMING with pride, while Angela just put her face in her palm, shook her head and gave out a disgusted "LORD!"  then pointed out I was thoroughly dementing our children! 
YES!!!  My work here is DONE!
OK, with that, I am going to get at it.  We are SOOOO close to finishing up what is left out back, I am eager to finish!
We WILL see you folks soon (Hint, Hint, Nudge, Nudge, say no more, say no more!)

image 1
ONLY $165.00!!
image 1
ONLY $60.00!!!

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