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Friday, March 6, 2015

...but I wanted to pet the wounded goat!

I like blog entries where I get to rave on about all the excitement and activity of a busy day!
Sadly, this aint one of them!  No, we kept busy yesterday, but were reduced to doing "busy work'!  UGH!  We sorted through about 200 pounds of bottom bracket housings, and neck assemblies, REALLY cleaned out the work bay, I mean, really, as in, move all the buckets, sweep out the shelves and find all sorts of hidden goodies!  Not to mention a few tools long since thought lost to the ages. 
OH, we had looky loo's, definitely, but several folks had all but just landed here for vacations, and we thank them for the flattering compliments, as one gent announced "I heard good things about you folks, and was told I HAD to come here!"  SWEET! but as they were really just on "fact finding" missions, they were not yet ready to commit.  Hey, that's cool, we fully understand that.  It's just...well...I HATE busy work!!!  Oh sure, I know it needs to be done, but I like to delude myself into thinking I CAN'T work on that sh...tuff because I'm to busy doing important stuff! 
We did manage to put out two newbies though.  A pretty clean 26" dual shock "DAILY BANGER SPECIAL" MTB and a LIKE NEW 16" boys Motocross BMX!  This thing is SO cute! 
And of course there were a few repairs, but nothing WOWZERS earth shattering.
Yea, I'm pretty much vamping here.  I'm hoping some busy, busy comes through the door.  It's a little milder then it was yesterday, a good thing, because we had to pick up a couple of box fans for the shop, and while they do help with air flow, they are a little LOUD!  Unfortunately, the first really warm day of the season inspired me to fire up the AC here, I came to discover the air handler is NOT moving!  UGH!!  SOOOOO, being the really cheap person I am, I won't do anything to get it fixed until it gets too unbearable!  But, for the time being, it is REALLY good riding weather out there!
SO without further adieu, I'm going to wander about aimlessly, a lost soul in a barren wasteland, looking for any meager scrap of "busy" I can find, praying to the Gods that they send me something more substantial to do!
....sympathetically guilty yet?

image 1
image 1
ONLY $70.00
image 1
opps, forgot this one!
ONLY $480.00!!

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