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Thursday, February 5, 2015

....someone left the tap running!

Good mornin campers!
Another bright and sunny Florida morning for us! Insert sarcastic grin, and roll of eyes here! Yes, awoke to dark skies and the pitter patter of rain hitting the roof, followed by a groan, slapping of the snooze button, and a roll over and resuming of snuggle! Eventually,  though, my ultra annoying alarm irritated Angi enough that I had to get up and rouse the troops. ALWAYS a fun endeavor. Seriously,  I should just go straight to ice water with these kids! I'd rather try and teach a Puma how to swim!
Yesterday was a hoot! Sent four more to new homes, two of 'em right off the bat!  And just WHEN will folks learn the ten minute rule!  I found out the other day it works by remote as well!  Had a wonderful lady call regarding the BIG BOY road bike we have had sitting in here for some time, had a good conversation about the dependency of youth (even when they get into their thirties *shudder*!) and she was going to confer with her husband about "helping out" again (WOW!  does THAT ever sound familiar!) No sooner was I off the phone, then a gent came in, originally to look at the Murray road bike we have, but the BIG BOY Ross caught his eye, and he left rather excitedly with it!  Of course, then, an hour later she called back to let me know she was coming to pick it up.  UGH!  Well, it worked out ok, anywho, as she grabbed the Elektra Swing, as she needed a Big Boy.  Everybody happy!  Same thing happened yesterday,  A couple came in the day before, she needed a smaller, low slung bike, and we had the time!  Of course, some folks just have to "check out a few more places" before they realize just how WAY cheaper we are, and she sent her hubby back yesterday to snag one of them up.  They even went to the trouble of going out and buying a bike rack to carry it.  Unfortunately all THREE of the rides she had been looking at were all gone!  Ah well, I'm sure we'll get something else in they will find nice! 
Yesterday, was a day of repairs!  One of my LEAST favorite type (X 2!) restringing wheels!!  ARRGH!!  Time consuming, frustrating and NOT cheap!  Three things I dislike!  BUT, given the specifity of these wheels, the idea of replacing them with new?  MANY times too expensive!  With those, and several more repairs, I didn't get started with new builds until around four pm.  It's cool though!  We are SOOOOO thankful to have the work to keep us busy!  Thanks to all for their continued trust and support!  I did manage to get two out, with a third stripped down and in my rack!  What is sure to be a GEM of a road bike!  Vintage Schwinn!  LOTS of folks have been eyeing it!  Gonna get on that, toot sweet!  Have already gotten her new tires and everything!  Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!
OKEY DOKEY!  With that, I best get my booty engaged and get some things done!
Hope to service you soon!
what....wait....that doesn't sound right...

image 1
ONLY $95.00!!
image 1
ONLY $135.00!!

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