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Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Ok, Yea, one of the perks of this job is the reoccurring pleasure of folks endearing joy I get to share in when they find that perfect ride.  Yesterday was just such a day!  Had a young gent come in, new to the joys of Veloism, looking for the perfect sidekick to share the journey.  His folks have been talking about improving their cardio, and he thought, that perhaps if HE got into riding, it would inspire them to do the same,
Wow.  There ARE kids out there caring for their folks!  Who knew?
SO, he had been hitting the local bike shops, and in his words, damn near DIED of shock at the prices they charged for even the basest of models.  Then he took to Craigslist and found either the ones that were cheap needed way to much work OR they were overpriced OR the good ones were snatched up WAY to quick!  Then he stumbled on our ads and thought he would give it a shot and come in to see what we had.  At this point he saw the Schwinn Traveler, REALLY liked the price, then took it for a test drive.  He was HOOKED!  Once he returned, he handed me a credit card and said "I'm in LOVE!" 
You have NO idea how much of a high THAT is! Not only knowing we played a part in all of it, but that one more person, hopefully, would be less and less ponying up to the Petrol Teet!  That is ALWAYS a plus!!
OH yes, if your brave enough to ask me, I WILL preach about the complete unnecessary addiction folks have to their cars, and that for over ten years our family has gotten along QUITE nicely without one, thank you VERY much! 
We also sent home the Gray Mongoose to help placate a young man who's recently purchased "Wal-Mart" bike "just started to fall apart" (and yes I DO recognized the irony that the bike WE sold him originally came from Wal-Mart).
Managed to put out TWO newbies yesterday, and before you lambaste me on the lack of production, the Schwinn Sidewinder we put out needed a LOT of work!  It never ceases to amaze me, though, that with some elbow grease and a little TLC even the most dilapidated of rides can come out roses!  ALSO, got in a couple SWEET treats!  ONE (that I just HAD to get out immediately) is a Dyno GT "Roadster" STRETCH low boy!  I LOVE these bikes!  They were the only ones from the fad of chopper cruisers a few years back, that could actually be RODE!  You'll realize how impressive they are when you see the pic below!  ALSO, and I REALLY like this one, is a "Kalifornia Kustom" Style Schwinn Stingray replica retrofitted into a three wheeler!  SAH-WEEEET!!  Be looking for that one later today!
On the home front?  Oh, the work hasn't stopped!  I thought we were going to chill last night, but Angela, looking for a proper rack to put the electronics on (to keep them out of Miranda reach) realized the chrome shelf in the laundry room (that we never use) would be perfect.  It was.  However, one would not think installing the thing over the TV would be THAT much of an ordeal!  After that, the DVD racks that Elijah had picked up and assembled last week, proved far to tempting a target for curious little hands, and the shiny little silver Frisbees inside an exciting new toy!  SO, flipped upside down, and bracketed to the wall on either side of the TV keeps them out of destructive hands!  Of course, as the boys and I were working on this (and waiting for them to do a run to the store to grab a few things) Angela kept herself occupied by creating a few more beautiful silk flower arrangements to accent the rooms and to creatively cover a small hole in the laundry room door that every child in the house INSISTS just "appeared"!
Of course, having all the recently acquired space inspired me to have Logan and Owen empty out all the DVD's and VHS tapes (yes...v...h...s!  Got a problem with that?) so I could organize and put them up!  I'd forgotten just how many movies were stuffed in our closet!  WOOF!
After all that flurry of activity, we reposed on the couch, and I quickly faded off.  Angi got me up, and we headed to bed, and as we lay there, cuddling and drifting off the last thing we discussed was..
we really need to do OUR room now!
See ya soon!
OK, with that, I am jumping right back into the rebuilds!

image 1
ONLY $320.00!!!
image 1
ONLY $90.00!!!

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