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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pull Your Collar Up And Hold On To Something!

SO, this is a real life retelling of the classic "Winnie the Pooh: A Blustery Day"? 
It's cool though, because I love the roaring sound the wind makes when it rushes around the buildings and rustles through the trees.  I guess it's a good thing I was NOT able to ride my bike to work today!  Yea, had to take a cab in, and no, it's NOT because I was to lazy to walk, just didn't have time.  Apparently Kaleb got a wee bit confused this morning when he left for school, and used his lock to lock up MY bike, and took my lock instead with HIS keys!  YAY!  (confused yet?) So, he'll be delivering my ride this afternoon.
Yesterday, even though chilly, was quite busy around here!  Sent two rides to new homes, Thank you so much!  One lady was quite a treat as she had found us through Craigslist and went to the blog to check us out, and because of that decided that instead of going to a shop closer to her in Gulfport, she'd come and see us!  How Flattering!  Thank you so VERY much and I do so hope you are enjoying the GT hybrid you adopted! 
Thankfully, no catastrophe's yesterday, and my work was unabated!  Managed to put out three FULL re-furb newbies, with a fourth stripped in my rack and waiting.  Of course, had to take the occasional brake to take care of several "quickie" repairs (thank you SOOO much for the trust, folks!) and one of which was another displaced Yankee, so of course, the conversation revolved around old haunts, as he was from up around Maine.  Lot's of us moving in on Southern Territory!
Of course, last night around the house revolved around organizing the bedroom, as Angi was looking to take a different design approach.  She did, in fact, cut back on a lot of the "Twilight" trappings, reducing it all down to one display, and putting away the rest, stating she wanted to do more of a "grown up" motif.  In respect, I put away a lot of my goodies as well, some of which will be brought up to the shop to fill up more space!  Anyone like "Smurfs"?  Hee, Hee!  Yea, had these little guys for over 35 years!  Not to mention several other trinkets!  Thankfully, around eleven, I convinced her to go against her base instinct of working until she dropped and just call it a night even though she wasn't finished.  Been way to many late nights recently, and the last couple days I have been oversleeping and the kiddo's have been getting off to school late.  I SO do NOT want another phone call from the school! 
I best get at it!  So MANY more cool rides to tinker with and I REALLY like the shop to be FULL!
See y'all soon!

image 1
ONLY $95.00!!
image 1
ONLY $95.00!!
image 1
ONLY $60.00!!

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