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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Things That Make You Go....Ugh

At least we awoke this morning met by blue skies!  Hey, I can deal with the cold, but the rain?  NOT! 
First, I gotta comment on something pleasantly unexpected, but weird.  See, we're used to an audience of about 100-150 views on the blog each day (thanks to all with nothing better to do then listen into my ramblings.  Seriously?  There nothing on cable?  Oh... never mind, I can answer THAT question!) and it is the grand standing, egotistical, "likes the sound of his own voice", Leo that LOVES to check my stats each morning.  Makes me feel wanted. This morning, however, when I peeked, I saw that yesterday we had 568 views!  568?!?  I wonder if there was a glitch?  But, the views were only 70% America, with 28 other countries all in attendance.  Bizarre!  All kidding aside, I am very humbled folks!  Truly!  I just wish I knew what it wasthat I wrote that was of mass appeal? If I can figure that out, I'll do it more!
OK, back to yesterday!  When I awoke, and went out for my coffee, I noticed the deep gray horizon, and shuddered.  Gray, rainy Tuesdays equals ONE thing.
Dead.  D...E..A...D, DEAD! 
HOWEVER, it was NOT without it's excitement!  Twas a day of acquisition, plain and simple!!  Got in a BEVY of new beauties!  Not without there issues, but once rebuilt, they are going to be GEMS!  I especially like the Specialized Hard Rock MTB!  That one is going to be CHERRY!  It was with that, and the otherwise slow visitor day, that I pounced upon the pile with vigor, and quickly in the AM had two done and ready to go (from the goodies we got the day before) then was about to begin on the new pile, with one in my rack, when I pulled the Mongoose Comfort Hybrid up for a photo op to post and put in line, when I realized that a wheel I had taken down for a customer (who decided to hold off until he could bring in his bike and have me install it) was leaning against the counter.  Not wanting clutter in my photo, I went to put the wheel back on the rack.
Apparently that additional three pounds was to much weight for our new designer wheel rack display to hold.
Oh yes.....
It did!
Now here is where, in retrospect, fate stepped in, and in a RARE display of altruism, actually worked in my favor!  As I placed the wheel in the rack and turned to go back to what I was doing, I heard a "POP" and rather loud shift with the clanging of metal.  Somehow, without looking, I thrust my hand out behind me and caught the right end of the rack, thus keeping it from crashing, FULLY, in a loud cacophony of clattering metal!  Quickly readjusting myself I spun around and surveyed the damage.  The first three supports had pulled from the wall, with only the remaining two holding it up.  I quickly began to remove the wheels I could reach with one hand, to lighten the load, and before I ran out of arm length, by happenstance, a customer walked in, saw my dilemma and quickly offered aid.  As we struggled to hold and remove the weight, Kaleb happened to walk back into the shop.  I had thought he had already left to go home, but as it turned out, he had forgotten something and had to return.  At his normal relatively casual pace, he casually helped remove the remaining wheels and grab a ladder to buttress it against the wall.  Non sooner had we propped it up, and began to contemplate what to do next in, Terry walked in to get his tri weekly batch of scrap, and just happened to have more scrap 2X4's on his truck, along with a couple handfuls of 3" decking screws!!  YAY!!!  Quickly we chopped up some supports, installed and painted them!  Had it not been for all that divine intervention, we more then likely would have lost half the wall!  Thank GOD this didn't happen with a customer under it, or more importantly, A BIKE!
All that, and the resultant "cleaning up" took a chunk out of my afternoon, so unfortunately I couldn't get back onto the new builds!
But that's OK I'm gonna work on them shortly!
After all that, we headed back to the house for the evening, and....MORE remodeling! 
Angi, now having the majority of the house looking as she wanted it, and doing a FAH-BU-LOUS job of decorating, turned her attentions to our room!  Realizing, that we both are just tired of orange walls, she bit the bullet and *shudder* set about cleaning our room!  AHHHHHH!!!!
See, our room is the catch all.  All the stuff, private items, books, toys, etc that can NOT be left in any other room where eager little hands can grasp and tear at them, so needless to say it is cluttered, at best!  And it make a proper cleaning, difficult.  Apparently, at one point in her endeavor, she was besieged by Dust Dragons, that she fought off valiantly with her Magic dust wand, as the protective Dust Fairies had apparently lost the battle.  When I heard earlier in the day she had committed to doing this, I, foolishly, stated that as long as she was cleaning she should leave everything in the middle of the room, and I would do the painting when I got home.  We had earlier decided to use the left over paint from the main rooms, as we had bought WAY to much to begin with.  But it's cool, we both really like the green/green combo (green is the color of magic!)   So, needless to say, twas another night we didn't get to bed much before 2 am.  UGH! The results, though were worth it!  Not to mention, I gained a little more real estate in the room, AND the really big book case that has, up until now, been a catch all in the kiddo's play room!  YAY!  Now I can take the entirety of my books (and maybe even TOYS) OUT of the closet, and put them where they can be seen!  The Star Trek novels alone will take up the whole top section!  Hee, hee! 
And she REALLY surprised me when she said she "May Not" put back her "Twilight" collection.
WHOA!  That is.....EPIC! 
We'll see.  I don't mind it though, as our room is really a reflection of both of us.  Twilight and vampires on one side, Firefly on the other!
Now, I best get a move on.  All my morning chores done early this morning, so I'm gonna get to banging out some more goodies! 
See ya soon!  Hey.  NO excuses, just put on a jacket and come and pay us a visit!

image 1
ONLY $105.00!!
image 1
ONLY $50.00!!

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