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Monday, February 23, 2015

Hmmmmm? Let's see.....

Yea, you know you work to much, when you wake up in the morning and it takes you a few minuets to remember what DAY it is!  So goes my morning!  HA!  It was a quadruple "Snooze" button morning!  BUT, a couple cups of coffee later, and I was moving!  Surprisingly the kiddo' actually got off on time this morning if not a little earlier!  AND, the resident eldest boy actually got up with only a modicum of prodding!  Yes, once in a blue moon, mornings go off without a hitch.
Sunday was another day of production.  Two newbies out with a third (the ULTRA-RARE three wheeler "DAILY BANGER SPECIAL!!") in the rack and partially done.  I'm gonna finish that up, right quick then the skies the limit!  Got all the repairs done and done, so I'm ahead of the game!  WA-HOO!
Wow.....I really have LITTLE to talk about!  That's the only down side to things going smoothly...nothing to write about! 
Ah well, I'll just show off our new wares, then mosey.
So, like, come on in and give me something to rave about!
See ya soon!

image 1
ONLY $90.00!!
image 1
ONLY $145.00!!

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