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Friday, February 13, 2015

Ironic, Isn't it?

In the cosmic scheme of things, what is the significance of Valentines Day being preceded by Friday the 13th?  One would think it would NOT bode well!  Luckily for me, the 14th is not one of major importance, as Angela's and my anniversary is the 16th, a wee bit more important, and we have both begrudgingly excepted over the years that any celebration is muted by finances.  We opt for the 16th to "pull out the stops".  But don't get me wrong!  I still have to "think floral" on VD day! 
SO!  yesterday was one of production!  SAH-WEET!  Finally finished up that funky three wheeler! Golly Bob Howdy was she a bi......cycle!  I tallied it up.  An hour of tear down (rusty bolts) 8 hours of cleaning! (SHEESH!) and an hour re-assembly!  This one was a custom job, and by custom I mean, whoever built it, had to do some Jerry Rigging!  In effect, I haD to deduce what they were trying to accomplish.  In the end, I abandoned a few things they had half arsed, and think I made it a little stronger.  PLUS, found a REAL sweet vintage chrome chain guard to really make her pop! 
Did I stop with that accomplishment? Oh Nay, Nay!  Popped an old school ten speed MTB, and a full tear down, clean and rebuild later (with the addition of some sweet street slicks) we ended up with a pretty nice (and cheap) urban commuter! the steel frame may not make it the best, but did I mention...CHEAP?  ALSO, got out another ladies cruiser! Ladies bikes have been ALL the rage lately!  I just can NOT keep them in stock!  SO it was with a great deal of excitement, that I popped an Old School, ladies Raleigh ten speed in my rack last night and gave her the full tear down, and will be jumping back on her in a moment! 
Wait...that didn't sound right.
On the home front!
FINALLY got an evening of R & R last night!  Thank HEAVENS!  I didn't have to do (barely) anything!  Elijah handled dinner and all the kiddo's pitched in with nightly "getting ready for bed duties".  Sure, we had Miranda up for a while after bed time, it's a full moon cycle, and her lycanthropy comes out, and she becomes hard to bed down!  BUT, she can be so damned cute, you forgive her!  She has gotten into tickling other peoples feet, and she has the cutest little mischievous grin when she does it!  PRECIOUS!!!
As Angi popped in our copy of "RED", I hunkered down with Elijah and Logan to play a few hands of Magic.  Elijah has really gotten into it now and is...learning.  Logan, of course, being the resident gamer/fanboy extraordinaire is teaching him a thing or too.  Really fun dynamic to watch there.  With many common interests the two of them have grown very close since Elijah moved back in.  Having discovered a local comic/gaming shop in Largo, Elijah took Logan with him to "Magic Night" last Saturday, and they had a hoot of a time.  And he is genuinely proud to do it, none of that discord with having to be with a "younger brother".  As much as I chide them, seeing the difference in their age NOT be a hindrance, and the closeness developing between them (beyond the normal bonds these kids have with one another) is rather heart warming.  Hence why sitting and playing with them is quite pleasant (even when Logan gets REAL pissy when I kill off his creatures! Hee, hee!)
OK, enough pahlatha!  I best get to work! 
See y'all soon! 

image 1
ONLY $65.00!!
image 1
ONLY $70.00!!
image 1
ONLY $210.00!!!

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