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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

BUST A GUT, LAUGHING!!! least we awoke to something other then gray and overcast!  Yesterday was, an icky, rainy Monday.  Add it all up and you get?  A great day to get some work done! 
Even poor Suzanne was feeling a little depressed as the constant downpour hindered her ability to run amok out back chasing her squirrel friends .  Had to take the following pics, entitled "Puppy In Repose"

She was SOOO bumbed! 
Well, we played for a while inside and she got a treat so she felt better after!
Managed to get out two new rides, with a third (that needs MAJOR work) is in my rack stripped with the frame cleaned!  Put out a sweet Murray cruiser and a GORGEOUS Cannondale F300 small framed Mountain Bike!  NICE! 
Obviously, with the horrific rain yesterday, had very few visitors, sad to say, but at least I have plenty to keep me busy!
On the home front?  I didn't have to do ANYTHING last night!!!  Angi and Elijah kept the house clean, and did a magnificent job of finishing up the kiddo's play room (although now that everything is cleaned and all the rubbish from the kitchen remodel is gone, I can see the trim needs to be done!) so we just chilled for a while.  In doing  so, I recently heard (and I believed I mentioned) that one of the original creators of MST3K went on to develop a take on the "riffing" of movies in the way of "Rifftrax".  They not only do classic B-Movies, but more impressively, they do an MP3 download you can sync up with NEW movies!  A kind of "commentary" style.  One of the franchise of films they riff is the "Twilight" series!  Now, Angi is a MAJOR Twihard, and takes the Megalith...seriously.  Well, I got a hair across my hiney, went on You Tube and found several snippets from the "Best Of" of them riffing the series of movies.
Elijah, Logan and I watched (while Angi listened on, none to amused) as we literally split our sides in HISTERICS!!!  I have not laughed that hard since I first saw the "Peeing Scene" in "Me, Myself and Irene" After only ten minuets of clips the three of us couldn't breath!  Seriously, Check out Rifftrax, Twilight on you tube. Yer gonna DIE!!!
OK, I best get a move on, I really need to get some more goodies out!
See ya REAL soon!

image 1
ONLY $280.00!!
image 1
ONLY $75.00!!

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