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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Have To Enter Sideways As My Head Is So Swollen!

Cleaning done in record time today!  YA-HOOOOO!  (Although I have not fully reorganized the wheel rack...I'm...not going near that thing!  LOL! 
Now I can turn my focus back to new builds, as yesterday was a further bout of acquisition!  YAY!  And what's even more exciting is that several of them were gimmie's!  Yes, we LOVE free!  No, there was no production as far as new builds yesterday.  Oh, I tried!  Believe me!  The Specialized I have been trying to put together kept going from the rack to the floor like it was strapped to a rubber band!  There were SOOOOOO many repairs coming in yesterday!  Thanks to all VERY much for the trust!  Always a pleasure!
Which brings us to my favorite part of the show "Shameless, Arrogant, Self-Aggrandizing!! 
We had SO many folks in yesterday, and some came bearing head swelling compliments!  I thank all those, truly, for positive feedback on this blog, as well as exclaiming their support for what we do and how we do it!  And I NEVER get tired of the look of shock and disbelief on folks faces when I tell them how little their repairs will ACTUALLY cost, and how quickly they'll get the bikes back!  Two examples had me very happy (and one gave me a temporary moment of discomfort, I'll get to that in a second).  Had a gent come in, perusing our wares, and when asked if he needed help, he answered with the all to familiar "I'm not sure what I want, yet"  After a few patented questions I came to find out, he quite enjoyed riding and the freedom of his bicycle, but recently, it having some mechanical issues, had shopped it around to a few of the neighboring "Boutique" Bike shops.  Oh yea, you know where this is going.  The bike is a 35 year old Schwinn World Tourist, and the resounding opinion of the other shops were "scrap it and buy a NEW one, which we just happen to have the perfect one for you for a mere $500.00 plus" Or "It will cost a bajillion dollars to fix!"  OK, not that much, but the lowest price he was quoted was $200.00!?!  Here's what he needed: two spokes, tighten the crank, true rear wheel and a tube.
That's it!
Not only was he excited that I wanted to keep his bike, that he really was comfortable with, on the road, but we could do it so cheaply (only $41.00) that he asked about a friends bike, a GMC Denali, that he wanted to turn into more of a hybrid with upright bars.  He, too, had run the circuit of shops in the area, getting the same kind of response, and had all but given up on riding.  I quoted him $61.00 for the conversion (new bars, neck, brake grips, grips and full cable replacement as well as a tune on the gearing) and he stated he'd bring him in with him.  An hour later they were back and two hours after that the work was done. Another excited exclamation as to how quick the work was finished!
The one that really got me, was a young lady and her real cute little girl came in looking for a more comfortable seat.  I had one cruiser seat left, and when I told her it was only $10.00 she was mildly surprised, then when she asked how much for a new one, and I said $35.00 A look of shock came over her face and she exclaimed "WHAT!?"  At first, I thought she was angered by the price, but as it turns out, she too had done some shopping, and found that the seat I had described was being sold elsewhere for between $60-85.  Then, shopping for her son who had outgrown his 16" bike (by about two feet) she inquired about the sharp looking 20" BMX cruiser, and when I told her it was $35.00 She through her head back, rolled her eyes and laughed stating "I'll be back shortly with Dad!" And they were, quite excitedly grabbing it (and the seat we had) right up.
Also, we got a real boost of credibility with a call we got in the mid afternoon.  Seems a recent transplant from Minnesota is putting down roots in Gulfport and opening a little bicycle repair shop on the Pinellas Trail.  He had been told by several people that WE were the ones to call for advice in regards to the bike business in Florida!?  WOW!  It may seem like a small thing, but knowing that we are extended that level of professional respect?  Well, just brings a tear to the collective eye.  I wished him well, and much success (and did have to forewarn him about SOME of the cutthroat tactics of SOME of the other shops in the area) but forgot to get the name of his shop!  DOH!  No free plug, sorry, I only got his name, Todd.  So Todd, again, best of luck, and if you need anything let us know. 
Sent a few rides to new homes, as is the custom for Saturday, and what a BEAUTIFUL day it was a well! 
Today is even better!  So you have NO excuses anymore!  Get out there and ride! 
Now, I best get back to work!
See y'all soon!

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