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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Industrial Funk.

Sometimes your expectations exceed the reality of any given situations dependant  upon the shortcoming of others. 
In other words, DO NOT spray paint OVER bubbly rust!!!

Yes, the funky three wheeler I took on yesterday resulted in a FULL tear down and six hours, SIX....HOURS, of chrome cleaning!  At first glance, I figured I could do the majority on the bike with PB and steel wool.  No go!  Way to much chrome and way to many nooks and crannies I couldn't get into.  Full tear down later, I'd anticipated just sanding and repainting, as the person who owned it before had, themselves, used standard silver paint to cover over some obviously BAD rust.  Before beginning though, I figured, for shots and grins, I'd make a pass of one of the springer arms through the old wire wheel to see what I came up with!  Turns out, this was all REAL chrome, not the cheap plated stuff you usually find on these conversions!  SWEET!  With a little effort it came out like new!  Although the rust was VERY wide spread, it was about 95% surface.  Thing is...there is a LOT of chrome!!!  Some having been heavily (and poorly) spray painted.  First I had to get through that, then the surface rust underneath!  Well, at least the spray paint kept the rust from getting worse!  In the end though the six hours paid off, because once this baby is all the way together, she is going to look FINE!!!  I did one minor alteration though, when they build these things, or customize them, they take off the traditional crank and put on one from a child's 12" bike.  I guess they figure it will give it more of a "lowrider" look.  Nah!  Just plain GOOFY!  And talk about making it a chore to ride!?  WOOF!  You's be out of breath by the time you hit the end of your driveway!  I went back to a traditional 20" crank so it can at least be rode in comfort!  I managed to get it half way back together before leaving time, so I'm chomping at the bit to get back to it, then on to more "standard" rides!  Have SEVERAL "DAILY BANGER SPECIAL" candidates in the back, and wanting to get at them!
Last night, my thoughts of just enjoying some cuddle time on the couch didn't happen until way later.   Now that we have the entertainment center together, we decided it was time to reunite our entire movie collection under one roof (except for a few choice items that don't leave the shop (MST3K for example)) so I gathered up all the personal DVD'S and VHS from the shop, and the boys ferried them home, with the explicit instructions that they NOT bring them in the house until all the cases were Lysol wipped down! Let's face it, ANYTHING coming from this shop is going to have a wee bit of "industrial funk" on it, and I do not want it coming into the house!  It's bad enough what comes in on me before a shower!  Well, upon arriving home, I found the six large crates of movies still sitting on the porch, the boys having quickly abandoned their task with haste.  Once I got them clean, had to put them away.  Of course, ran out of room in the cabinet, so it looks like I'm going to have to get a couple more.
Well, at least we got to chill a little bit before night, night! 
I have procrastinated enough, back to work!
See y'all soon!!

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