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Wednesday, February 4, 2015


I am like SOO not with it right now!  WOOF!  I did it again last night, stayed up WAY to late! Finished the trim in the front room, but I was so befuddled, that it was when I was done, brush clean and paint put away, that Elijah came along, looked up and asked "Dad, are you going to do the tops of the door frames?"
Thankfully, he stepped in and finished it up for me.  Now all we have to do is run the speaker wire (and put up half crown to cover) and we'll be done.
except for the imitation tin celling I want to do in the, now, dining room.  It currently has an ugly drop panel celling.  AND run the hanging lights...ugh...guess I'm not as done as I thought!  Well, anyway, the bulk of it's finished (except for the NEW kitchen we're getting Friday!  But thankfully I'm not going to have to do the install!  Our wonderful landlords are handling that!  YAY!  I'm just going in to repaint.  Eradicating canary yellow walls, one at a time!  At that point, I'm laying off any further work for a bit, and just enjoying the surroundings.
Yesterday was another brisk and busy one!  Four more found their way into folks hearts!  LOVE IT!  Also, managed to put out three more!  A real cute 16" BMX, a 20" Mongoose BMX and a lightweight Nishiki MTB! 
Today, after banging out the few repairs that came in going right back at it!  Still, with plenty in bone row to tinker with, as WELL as the ones coming in!  I did get the skinny on why we are seeing more and more scrappers coming in, scrap metal prices have fallen from $8.00 per 100 pounds to $5.00, and will continue to drop, QUICKLY to $3.00!!  WHOA!  That means a LOT more goodies for us!!  YAY!!!  Although, we have always paid at least four times for scrap bikes, for some reason some scrappers think they were making more bringing it to the yards.  Oh well, go figure! 
ALL RIGHT!  Now I best get a move on, and get to it!  I'm going to leave you with some pics!  Of course, the bikes put out yesterday, but also those of the upgraded Atherton Manor as well as some photo's Angi's mother sent of, what I think, is one of the most imaginative fences I have EVER seen! 
See y'all soon!!

image 1
ONLY $135.00!!
image 1
ONLY $65.00!!
I would SOOOO do this if not for the Nazi's in the Zoning department!!!
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