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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Full Day (or "Please Prop Me up With Espresso!)

Oh yes, I did it again. Stayed up way to late last night, but it was worth it!  Spent the earlier part of the day trying real hard to bang out more goodies, but only managed to build one!  Don't be too mad at me! Firstly, had a heck of a time getting moving in the morning. Not just because of ALL the Monday updates online, not to mention EBay ships (once again their site was running slooooooooow) but just scrapping my bottom on the floor!  Once the coffee kicked in, I got to it, but ended up with more tear downs then anything.  Once in my rack, four of the ones from out back just proved to need WAY more work then I would have been able to get out of the bike!   But the fifth one, THAT was a charmer!  A sweet looking 24" Mountain Bike!  SAH-WEET!
Once the kiddo's came in, we headed to the house so I could take an afternoon with Angela.  Kaleb took over for me when I left, and did a heck of a job, sending home two rides to new homes!  The 24" cruiser we just put out, and the ladies Schwinn Hybrid found a happy new friend!  Not to mention, the Diamondback I found a new family for earlier in the day!  Thanks for the patronage folks, we SOOO appreciate it!
Due to Angela's accident at the tail end of last year, sadly, she spent her Birthday in an enormous amount of pain, so we had to postpone her present until she was feeling up to it.  Well, that was yesterday!  A trip to the mall, some dinner and new Ink!  Yep.  She has become addicted to tattoos, and got two more last night.  I'll tell you, having nine children has toughened her up and made her immune to pain.  It was HILLARIOUS!  As she sat in the chair having the new big one scrapped into her calf, she sat peaceful and calm, not so much as a twitch!  There was a guy in the chair behind her, having a sleeve done.  A BIG guy, very macho looking...and he was CRYING!  HAHAHAHAHA!!!  I'm sorry, I hate to tease, but what a contrast!  Here's this diminutive lady, almost falling asleep as Jeremy did a HEAVY shaded piece (these type are scrapped in, not needled) and then a big biker type, who had to call it a day before the artist finished because it was too painful!
ANYWHO!  Here's her new ink....

Absolutely gorgeous!  Tatoo's should be a reflection of the wearer, and she has put a lot of thought into hers!  The first one, is the infinity of love, and the second was is of a distraught, frustrated Angel!  Well if THAT ain't personal, I don't know WHAT is (come on folks...she has ME to deal with! Bwahahahaha!!)
After that, Angela saw that I was half awake, and we headed home.  But once there, I just wanted to plop down and enjoy the rooms!  Angi and Elijah did a FANTASTIC job putting the finishing touches on the decorating, with a lot of personal Angi touches, and it looks gorgeous! (Pic's tomorrow, I promise!  I just want to finish the trim tonight!)  We just took a moment(s) to relax, each hunting on our devices (yes...I'm becoming more and more adept at my LG phone, and can do a LOT of business on it!) intermittently playing fetch with Suzanne, who is just a wee bit annoyed that she cannot lay on our replacement sofa!  By the time I realized it, it was pushing 1 am, so we staggered off to bed!
Something VERY interesting happened at the shop yesterday, though.  Two oriental gentleman, sharply dressed, came into the shop to pay us a visit.  There English was a little rough, but as we talked, I was made to understand that theirs was an informal visit to us, as a way to introduce themselves.  Now, I know by the stats given to me by "BlogSpot" that our little ramblings here are for some unknown reason, read in over 52 countries, but those are just stale, cold numbers and percentages.  I never put a face to the stat.  Well, apparently, the MAYOR of a Taiwanese province is a fan!?  And he was coming to America on official business, but one of the first stops he wanted to make when he came in (apparently late last night) was HERE!?
They were in yesterday, just to check the place out, safety and such.  Well, I do so appreciate the visit, and will do my best to represent America to the best of my ability.
Oh BOY....this is going to set relations WAY back! LOL!!!
OK, I'm gonna have to get at it!  Kaleb tore a few down for me yesterday so I could rebuild them, and I REALLY want to get more made up, not to mention I got in a new batch of MST3K tapes yesterday (I SOOOOO love EBay!!) that I haven't watched yet!!!
See ya soon!

image 1
ONLY $75.00!!!

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