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Friday, February 27, 2015

The freakin' OCEAN is freezing!?!?!

Well, don't chide me too much, but I only got two done yesterday.  I feel your contempt, but the wheel stripping led to parts sorting, which led to discovering several more scattered buckets of previously parted out bikes, which led to MORE part sorting, which uncovered a stash of six more wheels that needed to be stripped, and four that needed to be put on the wheel rack (*SHUDDER*) which proved to require reorganization to fit them all, that led to moving the bikes underneath, which led to having to sweep the floor, which led to having to take out the trash....that brought me up to mid afternoon!
But THEN, I popped a sweet, all chrome Haro BMX in the rack, started a MST3K "Gamera" marathon (yes, I have all FIVE of the classic, rifted Gamera movies) and went to town.  She needed a lot of cleaning and several parts, but that chrome frame is SWEET!  So now we have two choice Haro BMX'ers available!  Then, a full tear down and serious rebuild (lot's of replacement parts) on a gem of a classic Schwinn "cross" (hybrid)!  YES, Schwinn!  Bad mouth them all you will, but they built some SWEET rides back in the pre-"Screw up the Name" Walmart days!  This one was Schwinn's answer to the Trek 800, or Specialized Crossroads, and did a GREAT job of matching quality!  A lot of the components were identical!  Truly, a great machine!
'twas a little quiet yesterday in the later half of the day, so I had time to focus.  Not that I have a PROBLEM with being sidetracked to doing repairs or such, NAY, NAY!  More then likely because the wind shifted and started to grow colder outside, thereby forcing everyone to shelter. 
Our evening was relatively peaceful (Aside from Miranda choosing to share her dinner with us after lights out....UGH) so she, once again, chilled in the boys room watching Rescue Heroes, as Mom and Dad had decided to re-watch "Sherlock".  Yes, our lives are rather pedestrian. 
So now, today, having thoroughly cleaned behind the counter (WHO messes this place up, anyway?  Oh...yea...right) I am jumping on the Dual Shock MTB I stripped down before leaving.  After that, as all the rides in Bone Row have been finished, I'll be digging, yet again into the Bone Yard!  YAY!!!  There may be a vintage classic in our near future.  Who knows?
Yes, it's a wee bit nippy out there, but just remember, you COULD be up North watching partially frozen waves on the ocean.
Yea, I'm NOT kidding!  Check it out on Google!  Angela showed me this morning.  A gent in Nantucket took photos of partially frozen waves on the shoreline!!!  Un-freakin'-believable! 
Then ask yourself "wouldn't it be nice to take advantage of this weather and take a ride?"
You Bet!

image 1
ONY $145.00
image 1
20" HARO BMX!!
ONLY $100.00!!

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