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Sunday, February 15, 2015

What a Night!

Well, I guess Sunday has become the defacto "Day of Cleaning"!  The mess out back from recent construction and all the rides we have been stacking up out there (not to mention the kiddo's leaving messes around) got to a breaking point and we needed to get it all cleaned up and organized.  OF course, after doing that, we just moved into the shop and continued the purge of trash!  Actually MOPPED THE FLOORS!!  WOOF!  That was real fun!  But at least it's done!
Yesterday we were way crazy busy!  THANK YOU to all the wonderful folks for coming in and making it such a hoot a nanny!  I lost track, but I do know, we sent the tandem home with a very funny couple, I wish them the best of luck with their bonding!  The Cannondale single speed conversion I'd been waiting to work on, finally cleared yesterday, and it wasn't even five minuets after finishing it did it find a very excited new home!  And it's going on vacation to boot, headed for Colorado!  Beyond that, I was so busy with new builds I didn't keep track of anything else!  Sad, really!  Managed to put out three others beyond the Cannondale, one of which already sold first thing this morning. 
Last night was a blast! Angi and I had a great VD celebration, having a (relatively) nice dinner at Sea Sea Riders (the place is being remodeled so it was a little less then appealing sitting next to sheets of hanging plastic) then on to Flannagan's where we hung with the band for a while.  All in all a great time! 
OK, now, I'm gonna try and get some work done before the end of the day (in an hour)
See ya soon! 

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ONLY $135.00


  1. Soooo...

    According to YOUR blog, you went to a seafood restaurant to celebrate VD. I'm guessing you got crabs?

    Sorry, couldn't resist.

  2. Ba-DUM-Bump! Classic Chip! CLASSIC!!!