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Monday, February 2, 2015

Stay On Target....STAY ON TARGET!

Ever been SO committed on a project and SO determined to finish it, you ignore the small warning signs your body gives you, then you wake up the next morning and say "oh GOD...what did I DO to myself!?" 
Yea, that was this morning, for several of us at the house!  We set out to repaint and reorganize the main rooms in the house.  Living room, Dining room, play room and hall.  Angi and the boys had everything stripped down, moved, covered and cleaned by the time I got home, and we hit it.  Of course, Angi, Elijah and Kaleb played interference with the other kiddo's who were held up in the boys room watching movies. God forbid, they actually STAY in the room, watching their choice of films, snacking and just relaxing!  Oh Nay, Nay!  They HAVE to be in the middle of whatever is going on, especially when they are denied access!  But, things went smoother when bed time rolled around, and we had unfettered movement.  Well, to a point.  Suzanne was then, under foot, as all her playmates had gone to bed.  Eventually she got the point, gave up the ghost and went to bed herself.  The biggest delay, however, was the fact that the colors we choose, did not coat all that well the first time around, over the bright colors that were these, and took two trips around the rooms.  Funny thing was, as the second coat on the main room was drying (a real sweet shade of green) Angi stood back and stated "Oh God...I choose the SHOP green!  Sure enough, it's REAL close to the same green we used here!  LOL!!!   LOT'S of cutting involved with all the trim work we have.  UGH!  By the time all was said and done (although I still have to do the trim in the living room) , it was 2.30 am, and I was seeing vapor trails!  Time to call it a night (or morning?).  I have to save a LITTLE something for working around here, as I still have SOOOO much to do!  Every time I have a back up of rides to work on (with more and more coming in every day), I just get irritated that I haven't finished them,  Weird, hunh? I mean, I can look at a bike, regardless of how worn out it is, and see the gem lying underneath, and I'm just craving to set it free!  Kind of like Arnie in "Christine" but without the homicidal intent.
Managed to get out three newbies yesterday, with a fourth in my rack, that I am going back to now.  It will be a short day for me, Kaleb comes in to take over for me, as Angi and I have to run some errands this afternoon.  So, brave the rain and come pay a visit!  I got "The Roadrunner" playing if you're interested!
See ya soon!
image 1
ONLY $95.00!!!
image 1
ONLY $85.00!!

image 1
(ugh!  don't look at the fuzzy picture TOO long, it'll give you a headache!)
ONLY $65.00!!

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