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Saturday, February 7, 2015

wow.....we got a LOT of wheels!

OK, the bug up my butt has been satiated....for now!  After some time of getting REALLY tired of tripping over piles of wheels scattered about I sought the assist of Terry our resident scrap guy to scrounge me up some wood so I could build an appropriate rack to house them all, and it STILL wasn't quite enough space!  ARRGH!  BUT, with a little creative stacking we made them fit!  I just hope the bolts hold out!  The double edge of that sword was in the process of doing so, we had to empty out the back room so I could get at everything!   Kaleb helped out doing the emptying, and even Owen, Rozy and Logan helped me with putting up the shelves.  A regular family affair!  No...not the Woody Allen kind!!! 
So today, going to push real hard to get the back cleaned up (and get rid of a mountain of stuff I had all but forgotten we even had!) on top of the repairs that came in yesterday and I reluctantly had to put off until today!  See, once I start a project I HAVE to finish it!  I won't sleep well if I know I left something undone! 
A real short movie review, because I have to get rolling on my chores.  Last nights "Family Movie Night" was suppose to have been "The Book of Life" but when Angi called up "New Releases" on Amazon Prime we all saw "Big Hero Six" and everyone said  resounding YES!!! when we saw it! The first in a collaboration between Marvel and Disney (although Disney now OWNS Marvel) of animated Super Hero movies, and this one, was in a word, BRILLIANT!!!  I really wish we had gone and seen it on the big screen, but definitely, when you get a chance WATCH IT!  Heart warming, frenetic, FUNNY, just a JOY!  We bought this one, and I wouldn't doubt it if the kiddos aren't watching it again, right now, for the second time!
OK, I gotta git!
See ya soon!


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