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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Witches and Dragons Don't Mix!

SO, had  wonderful evening out with Angela last night!  With how busy we have been, both at work and home over the last week, we NEEDED a break!  A movie we have been dying to see premiered this weekend, and as we have been waiting for well over a year to see it, we jumped at the chance to go and view "Seventh Son"!
We should have just gone to dinner and called it an evening!
Sorry to say, but what a dull, predictive, stale dog!  Hollywood is getting REAL good at making a movie look good, in the previews!  We had anticipated a real treat of eye candy, humor and excitement.  This thing made the walking scenes in Lord of the Rings appear gripping, intense action!  Heck, this thing made Harry Potter The Deathly Hallows part one look good! And that is a MAJOR chore!   Trust me folks, skip this one.  Contrived, plodding, predictable, stale, unimaginative characters, forced romance, all to convenient coincidences contrived to move the plot along, maybe two good laughs, melodramatic antagonists (who are supposed to be ultra powerful witches but seem to fall REAL easy).  Even what probably was really good special effects just didn't pack any punch!  My advice, if you want to see a good Witch/Dragon movie pick up copies of "The Craft" and "Reign of Fire"  and call it a night!
Managed to clean up the majority of the messes in the store room in the back, ended up with four full barrels of "what the HELL was I keeping THIS for!?" trash.  Wow!  A store room I can actually walk into and use!  Who knew? 
Today, I'm catching up on the repairs and am going to try and bang out a few newbies as well!  Getting a wee bit light in here!  When you talk, and can hear an echo?  Time to build! 
This afternoon, when I get home, it will be "paint the kitchen" and run some speaker wire through the attic time!  Yay!  Then aside from running the lights in the dining room, I'm done with remodeling for a while!
Now time to get a move on!  See y'all soon!

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  1. Ok, folks, here's your hot insiders tip for the week: I stopped by the shop today, and got to nose around out back. I got to see the future, so to speak. The stuff not yet rebuilt or ready to sell.

    Sure, yeah, he's got a vintage (REAL) Chicago Schwinn back there, but I already have a couple of those. What caught my eye was the lugged-frame Columbia Tourist and the Trailmate bicycle.

    The Columbia will be a lovely distance bike, and the uncommon Trailmate bike (they mostly make trikes) a bomb-proof beast of a machine featuring a classic "Excelsior" style frame.

    If you want to get a jump on the competition, get down there this week, and slap some green dead guys on the counter.

    The cool ones go fast.