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Saturday, February 21, 2015

And The Cold Lifted, They Stumbled From Their Clutches And Shouted To The Skies...It...Is....GOOD!!!

Ah well...I DID NOT break my production record from Thursday. 
*Sad Face*
No reason other then the projects I choose were way more then they first appeared.  Add to that my own stupidity of NOT checking them out thoroughly before I started!  The ladies 24" MTB I started with, was quite worn out, and needed several replacement parts.  I went through the whole tear down, cleaning process, right down to a thorough rehab on the wheels, only mount them, THEN spin them!  DOH!  They were WAY out of true!  Like...Taco Tuesday!  How the heck did I miss that!  ARRGH!  SO, in retrospect, I could have saved myself a half hour's work by just doing what I ended up having to do anyway, replace them!  Which of course, helps in taking some weight off the wheel rack!  LOL!  Then I dug through the pile out back, pulled out a cute little 20" stuck it in my rack, went through the tear down only to discover (ANOTHER rookie mistake) that I had NOT checked to make sure I had all the necessary parts BEFORE starting the project!  In this case, a pesky, inconsequential matter of....TIRES!  UGH!  So, stick THAT one in a tote!  Then I went on to another little 20" BMX cruiser, nothing to spectacular, but a good Cheapie Cheap, which ended up needing some serious cleaning, especially in the bearings which were clogged with sand.  From there I went on to a Specialized MTB.  The frame was pretty scratched up, but had some decent components, so I figured a nice, cheap higher end "DAILY BANGER SPECIAL!!"  She needed a FULL tear down to frame, and serious cleaning, but everything was tight.  It was not until I fought the sealed bottom bracket out that I noticed a wiggle and scraping sound.  Come to find out the seat stays were TOTALLY broken away from the chain stays!  How the Beelzebub did I miss THAT!?!  SO, now I have a bucket of parts in search of a body!  Capped off the day working out a little 20" Trek Jet, another kids bike in need of some serious TLC!  This thing suffered more damage from LACK of use, having obviously sat in the element for some time, but the body was still in good shape.  Also, holding me up a wee bit was having to convert Logan's BMX to a coaster brake rear, as his brake lines were totally rusted out!  This is what happens when they refuse to walk the extra 10 yards to the shed when they get home, and just ditch the bike behind the house.  Also, had to true Elijah's rear wheel (AGAIN!!!) as him and Kaleb keep killing it! 
Started the day off strong, with a real nice gent and his Dad, down from Nebraska, who picked up the two cruisers I built the night before.  The son, who recently bought a house down here to rent out to vacationers, wanted to leave a couple bikes in it.  We have been getting a lot of that lately!  COOL!  His dad was a pip, a real hot shot, that I instantly felt a kinship of wise ass with.  A real fun transaction.  From that point, the day got real quiet, unfortunately.  Oh, had several Looky Loo's, but primarily folks just getting into the area, so they are not committed to the cyclist life style...yet.  Give them a couple weeks of having to deal with the crazy drivers and traffic down here and they'll come around!
Heading home (a tad bit late) and we chilled for "Family Movie Night".  With a lack of any family movies we have NOT seen, Angi choose to revisit "Wayne's World"!  Neat trip down memory lane, and the kids got a real kick out of seeing "Dr. Evil/Austin Powers/Shreck" in his earlier work!  Then, kiddo's to bed, Angi and I relaxed to a couple episodes of "The Blacklist", Our new favorite show!  Of course, Angela voiced the silent thought going through both our heads that this was not unlike our wedding night, of little to no celebration.  Sadly true.  As she is fond of offering the sage advice "there are times to reap, and there are times to sow"  Well, now is our time for planting.
And speaking of planting weather! (wow...NICE segue!) It would appear the really harsh, bitter weather has let up, as it was much milder when I stepped out for my morning coffee this morning!  YAY!!!  I'm thinking, if it's as equally nice (if not better) tomorrow, I may pull the stock out into the parking lot and have an impromptu "Sidewalk Sale" while giving myself space to do the Sunday cleaning!
Now it's back to the job!
Get up, step out, and breathe deep...and RIDE!

image 1
ONLY $35.00!!
image 1
ONLY $55.00!!
image 1
20" TREK JET!!
ONLY $45.00!!!

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