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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Any Given Sunday.

Back at it again! 
Sundays are quickly becoming our busiest days as many folks unable to visit us during the week, come in to say "HEY" and peruse our wares!  First thing this morning and already two minor repairs, a couple Looky Loo's and sent one ride to a new home!  keep it coming folks!  Got lots more where those came from!  But, as always, we could use some more!  Anyone thinking of moving some old rides they don't use anymore?  We're game!  Bring 'em in down! 
Yesterday was all about repairs!  Thanks to all for giving us your trust, kind words, and keeping me busy!  Nothing new went out, unfortunately, as I really didn't have anything to work with.  Well, that's not ENTIRELY true.  A couple of the rides from our purge of the shed at the homestead were still out back.  Tore down my old motorized bike, removing the engine, and will be turning it back into a simple single speed cruiser!  This one has a unique history.  We built it for a customer about 5 years ago.  Ordered the higher end Sun cruiser BRAND NEW, and installed the motor. The buyer then put a few extra on, ended up spending close to a grand.  He used it for about a year, then brought it back to us and donated it!  Seems he got his use out of it (and got his license back) and had no further use for it!  SAH-WEET!  I tooled around on it for a few months, but quickly realized... I wasn't getting ANY exercise with a motorized bike!  SO, she sat in the shed for SOME time!  Now, the engine and all it's components stripped (and listed on EBay) I'll be cleaning up the rest! 
Also, thanks to the gent who's daughter (a friend of Rozlynd) convinced him to bring in her old bike and donate it to the cause!  Yes, we will be able to give it a new life, and will try to do so today!
All the holiday treats and feasting have taken there toll on both Angela and I.  Suffice to say, has NOT been pretty the last 24 hours!  We are SOOOOO not use to that many desserts (donated to the household by our erstwhile neighbors) not to mention chocolates and a whole heck of a lot of starches!  WOOF!  My kingdom for a salad!!!
Or Pepto Dismal!!
I'd best get at doing something! 

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